Procter & Gamble Partners With Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global To Target Wellness Consumers


CANNES, France — Procter & Gamble has partnered with Arianna Huffington’s wellbeing platform Thrive Global in a bid to reposition some of its everyday products for the wellness consumer.

Featuring items from Crest, Oral-B, Pampers, Venus, Secret, and Pantene, the initiative aims to increase performance across P&G’s portfolio of brands by tapping into the growing consumer interest in wellness.

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“Our brands already offer superior product performance, and together with Thrive we can elevate the consumer experience even more by embedding daily habits that improve consumers’ lives,” commented Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at P&G.

“This is another way we’re reinventing the positive impact that brands can have,” he added.

The campaign, which will run across social media, will revolve around tagging habit-stacking practices – a neuroscientifically backed way to add a new habit to an individual’s life by attaching it to an existing habit moment – onto daily activities such as teeth cleaning or applying deodorant.

When brushing using ‘Crest’ toothpaste for example, consumers will be encouraged to develop a daily gratitude practice, or when applying ‘Secret’ deodorant they’ll be prompted to identify their top priority for the day both touted as ways to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and increase performance.

In addition, the partnership will see Thrive Global partnering with Oral-B to introduce Oral-B Sense, a Wi-Fi-enabled smart toothbrushing system that provides consumers with real-time feedback on their brushing habits. Thrive Global behaviour change content and Microsteps will be embedded in Oral-B Sense’s feedback loop, giving consumers reminders to add habits like a gratitude practice to their morning and evening toothbrush routine.

With Thrive’s mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic and help people unlock their full potential, a partnership with P&G which has up to five billion consumers across the globe makes sense, as it has the potential to impact millions of people, explained Danny Shea, Chief Brand Officer of Thrive Global.

In turn, by adding a new layer of wellness to some of its heritage products, for P&G it’s a strategy that could help breathe new life into them, and combat increased competition from wellness startups intent on shaking up the personal care category.

“The habits for the kinds of products that we provide, consumer package goods, is quite high,” Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at P&G told Forbes.

“So it really occurred to us, based on the work that Arianna has done, as well as with our scientists, that the combination of the microsteps for positive physical and emotional wellbeing that Thrive offers, with the habits that our everyday brands provide, could really enhance the consumer experience,” he added.

But it doesn’t end there. To support a company-wide focus on injecting more creativity, authenticity and social positivity into its advertising campaigns, the consumer giant is doubling down on  innovative and creative partnerships such as these, to enable the business to meet “growing consumer demand for authentic stories and experiences that positively impact society and humanity.”

In a similar vein, to its upcoming partnership with musician John Legend, which will explore various aspects of humanity and the human experience such as parenthood, modern masculinity, music and social justice by aligning itself with Thrive Global, P&G argues that it can use its voice, “not only as a force for growth, but as a force for good.”

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