Psycle Launches Workouts That Sync With A Woman’s Menstrual Cycle

LONDON, United Kingdom — Boutique fitness brand Psycle has launched a new programme created to help women ‘period-proof’ their workouts as ‘cycle syncing’ grows in consumer importance.

The wellness trend, which revolves around women adapting their diet, exercise routine and other important lifestyle factors to the different phases of their monthly cycle, has risen in popularity over the past 12 months as women have become more informed about how this can better support their minds and bodies, and improve overall performance.

According to Psycle, recent reports have shown that over 40% of exercising women believe that their menstrual cycle regularly harms their training and performance, so Psycle with your Cycle aims to deliver a series of workouts enabling them to make more educated choices about the way they train throughout their different monthly phases.

The pandemic really encouraged us to view our health holistically and how we can best look after both our bodies and minds. It’s not just about exercise, and from improving sleep to practising mindfulness, offering targeted forms of training is just another way that we can focus on additional elements of our personal health in order to feel our best self,” David Watt, CEO of Psycle told Welltodo.

“There often seems to be a blanket approach to both our training and diet,” added Maria Eleftheriou, Head of Barre at Psycle.

“The idea behind the ‘Psycle with your Cycle’ programme is to really educate women on how to feel empowered throughout their cycle and how to honour the body. This will allow them to take on different forms of exercise throughout each particular phase, to enable them to feel more energised and productive as well as being calmer and in control of both mind and body.”

Psycle Launches Workouts That Sync With A Woman's Menstrual Cycle
Image: Psycle

Spanning across four of Psycle’s fitness concepts ‘Ride’, ‘Barre’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Yoga’, the programme, available online via the brand’s ‘Psycle at Home’ platform (via a 14-day free trial and then priced at £29 per month or £240 annually) features a series of workouts expertly curated by Psycle’s Heads of concept. The four-week plan enables users to select classes that work in unison with the different phases of their cycle, with the end goal being to decrease inflammation, improve blood flow and boost energy levels.

It is hoped that exercising like this, will not only complement women’s hormones but help individuals achieve better results, Eleftheriou explained.

And Psycle isn’t the only wellness brand betting on more consumers recognising the value of this approach.

Elsewhere, fitness studio P.Volve has created what it’s called the Phase and Function plan — a meal plan that it says provides “specific nutrients that help achieve hormone balance and mitigate PMS symptoms”. 

Jessica Ennis-Hill’s app Jennis also offers training programmes that aim to help women optimise their hormonal health, while buzzworthy CBD-focused skincare and wellness brand Fewe is on a mission to change the conversation about the menstrual cycle by offering a range of products designed for every phase.

In fact, according to a recent report published by FemTech trend forecasting agency Ultra Violet Futures, “the cycle care market is experiencing a revolution”. 

And for wellness brands across the board, “it’s clear that the future of this category lies in overcoming silos and providing holistic solutions for all people who menstruate”.

As more women start to acknowledge the impact their hormones can have on their overall health and performance, and how they can better manage this through their daily actions, Eleftheriou believes the more motivated and inspired the wellness industry will become to evolve this approach further. 

“Exercise is such a key part of our daily lives, so it makes sense for this to be a big part of the equation,” she added. 

As Psycle continues to navigate the major changes it has had to make in the way it operates as a result of the global pandemic, by acknowledging this shift and continuing to focus on innovative ways to help people lead more optimal and healthy lives it is carving out a strong foundation for further growth.

“We’re excited for what the new year holds and are focused on expanding both our physical and digital businesses,” Watt told Welltodo. With that in mind, Psycle with your Cycle is just one of many initiatives we expect the brand to launch over the next 12 months and beyond.

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