Psycle To Open London’s Largest Boutique Fitness Space


LONDON, United Kingdom — Boutique fitness brand Psycle is expanding its Mortimer Street studio to create London’s largest boutique fitness space and meet rising demand for multi-discipline offerings.

Set to open in December, the 13,000 square feet studio will span across six floors, with each floor dedicated to one of Psycle’s workouts. Alongside the building’s existing ride studios, the expansion will include a 50-mat yoga studio, 24-person barre studio and a 24-person strength studio, which will provide ‘a holistic space for clients to experience a variety of complimentary fitness classes’.

“At Psycle we believe in the transformative power of movement, and that being truly healthy means having a strong mind as well as a strong body. We’ve created a suite of workouts that are truly complementary to one another to give people the power to personalise their programme to their individual needs,” reveals Rhian Stephenson, CEO, Psycle.

Clients can expect an additional 60 classes on the refreshed schedule. This extends beyond the brand’s signature spinning classes to include yoga, barre and strength workouts, designed specifically with Psycle’s approach in mind. The reimagined studio will also offer workshops, mindfulness courses and one-to-one coaching.

According to the brand, the new space has been designed to be a hub of fitness where clients can explore different ways to move, learn how to elevate their health and connect with like-minded individuals — a model that is being adopted by a growing number of studios in a bid to retain customers that might otherwise be tempted to look elsewhere.

The aim for Psycle is to add strength and depth to the relationships it already has, and to support individuals through different phases in their lives, explains Stephenson.

“When I look at my own fitness this is something that really resonates with me. Before I became CEO I craved intensity, so every workout I did was all about the hardest and fastest way to train,” she says.

“I still love intensity, but now I love the methodical, deep burn you get from disciplines like barre and yoga, and I absolutely crave targeted recovery fitness. When we spoke to our community it was clear that this was a common theme, and everyone had different goals which required different types of training. So, I’m thrilled that we can offer such a diverse and complementary experience to everyone who walks through the doors.”

In addition to fitness, Psycle’s Energy Kitchen will also expand to include a robust food and drink offering that will leverage current trends in the F&B category. Customers can expect to find probiotic elixirs, turmeric and adaptogenic lattes and functional boosters like CBD oil.

Psycle’s Mortimer Street expansion comes hot on the heels of a new studio in Clapham, which takes the brand’s total number of studios up to four. Since first launching on Mortimer Street in 2014, it has also opened sites in both Canary Wharf and Shoreditch. However, having secured £3m in investment towards the end of last year it seems likely there will be even more studios in the pipeline for 2019.


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