Is Reebok Designing The Gym Of The Future?


NEW YORK, United States — Athletic apparel brand Reebok is collaborating with global architecture and design firm Gensler on an innovative concept that will transform gas stations across the US into fitness hubs.

It is hoped that “Get Pumped” will allow people to prioritize their mental and physical wellness, by introducing fitness options that are accessible to everyone no matter where they are.

“We envision our cities of the future to have a network of fitness oases between home and work where you could stop and recharge more than just your car,” commented Alfred Byun, designer at Gensler.

“Imagine an option to leave the traffic jam to unwind with yoga, get your Crossfit Fix, or pick up a green juice and your weekly farm share all in one place,” he added.

The concept — which proposes that as more cars start to rely on electricity instead of gasoline, the need for gas stations will decrease, leaving them free to reimagine — is set to take on three different forms, adapting to the different types of gas stations currently in use across the country:

The Network will convert major interstate rest stops into hubs were travellers can stop and generate energy through activities including spinning, boxing, running Crossfit and Les Mills.

Is Reebok Designing The Gym Of The Future?

Image: Reebok x Gensler

The Oasis – larger gas stations located on small, local highways will be turned into recharge zones offering mental and physical practices suited to the needs of commuters. In addition to yoga and meditation pods, these spaces will offer farm-to-table eateries and juice bars.

The Community Center will take smaller scale gas stations in local towns and transform them into hubs for communities to enhance their wellbeing. People will have the option to charge their electric cars, take nutrition classes and shop in stores that offer local, healthy food. Pop-up trucks will also offer exercise classes such as Crossfit and Spinning.

If fully realised, the concept will create ‘a country where a healthy gym and restaurant are no more than a few miles away’.

“This design work with Gensler allows us to imagine a future where there is zero barrier to entry for an opportunity to work out and be healthy,” explained Austin Malleolo, head of Reebok fitness facilities.

“Consumers may not need gas stations anymore, but instead of wasting them, we’re recycling them, and maximizing the space so that they become places of community.”


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