Russell Bateman Is Taking The SBC Experience Global

The count down is on. The elusive and highly unattainable workout methodology that is the Skinny Bitch Collective, is about to become a whole lot more accessible.

Russell Bateman, the man behind the iconic SBC brand, tells welltodo London why his training and lifestyle regime is about to take a giant leap forward – landing right in the palm of your hand.

“We were generating way more interest than I could cater to with classes,” says Russell, who trains the likes of Gala Gordon and Zara Martin and is harder to reserve space with than Sushi Samba.

“So our idea was to completely curate a year’s worth of content based around our unique methodology,” he says, with plans to shoot for the project in Ibiza in January and launch in early 2015.

The result? The SBC Experience; a dynamic online platform which will enable women all over the world to access Russell’s highly sought after workout and lifestyle plan, including access to videos, exercise plans, nutritional guides and membership discounts.

“We want to shine a light on SBC, by providing an online Encyclopaedia of our methods,” Russell explains.

Russell Bateman Is Taking The SBC Experience Global
Image: SBC


Russell’s methodology draws on both primal movement and a Palaeolithic diet, which he sees as the ideal combination. In a group session, he incorporates eye contact and the infamous fight moves.

The videos will encourage pairing up with somebody to train, to create the same impact as a real life workout with Russell. They will also combine stretch routines in a yin and yang method, together with the signature SBC explosive movements.

“If you want to lose body fat, then you must adhere to the routine in all aspects of life,” says Russell, which he guarantees will provide results for any given goal.

“Ultimately, we trust that if you subscribe to the SBC Experience, then your priorities will dictate your choices.”

Nutritional advice will largely be based around a high protein, high fibre and omega 3-fuelled diet with plenty of vegetables and a few nuts. This, Russell tells us, “is all about mixing it up and feeding your body with the right nutrients and enzymes.”

Subscribing to the SBC Experience will incorporate a very appealing array of discounts on healthy eateries and SBC approved experiences – not only in London. With an existing partnership with Roots & Bulbs, the range of SBC-designed products will soon include a Raw Press SBC Elixir and similar collaboration with The Juice Well in Soho.

Given the already robust waitlist of SBC hopefuls, the SBC Experience is receiving plenty of attention worldwide, in anticipation of its early 2015 launch.

Subscriptions will be either monthly or annual and you can check out the first the teaser video here.

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