Why Your Alkaline Diet Can Now Include Coffee


At welltodo London, we’re all about saying yes to a healthier lifestyle. We encourage you to avoid thinking “no, I can’t have that” and instead focus on embracing all the things you can have that will nourish your body, mind and soul.

Many health conscious Londoners (including us) still enjoy a well brewed coffee and the city’s specialty coffee scene has finally taken off. You can now enjoy a flat white made with oat milk in Notting Hill’s Talkhouse, or a latte on almond milk at MacIntyre Coffee in Hoxton.

We decided to take a look at one particularly new way of drinking coffee, that boasts some unique health benefits.

Sandows London

Image: Sandows London

London’s Luke Suddards and Hugh Duffie (an Australian by origin), recently launched Sandows London, with the intention of introducing Londoners to cold brew. Perfectly timed for the hotter summer weather, cold brew coffee is slow brewed with cold water and filtered for an intense flavour. It is best served over ice for a refreshingly natural and fruity caffeine hit (with or without milk/mylk). The long contact time drags out all the divinely fruity flavours of the bean, and (the part we love) extracts minimal acidity!

Because cold brew has a much lower level of acidity (about 50% less than other brewing styles), it is easier on your stomach. Even on an alkaline diet, indulging in cold brew coffee ought not to plague you with guilt. Coffee is full of naturally occurring antioxidants, boosts your metabolic rate and contains essentials vitamins like B2 and Magnesium.

Sandows London

Image: Sandows London

Sandows Cold Brew is totally natural and fresh – the guys brew it weekly to order and bottle it without any additives. It is also exceptionally low in calories!

Given its huge success in the States and Australia, Luke and Hugh saw an opportunity to give Londoners a taste of this refreshing, naturally sweeter variation on the traditional cuppa (or nasty Starbucks frappé). Currently the only company serving up cold brew on tap, you can also now buy Sandows cold brew in its beautifully iconic glass bottle, in a range of retailers including Selfridges.

Love a good coffee? Awesome… so do we!

Visit www.sandowslondon.co.uk for more information or click here for a full list of stockists.

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