Singaporean Fitness Concept UFIT Launches Corporate Wellness Arm


SINGAPORE — Singapore-based fitness studio UFIT is expanding its offering with the launch of UFIT Performance; a dedicated business division catering to the specific needs of workplace wellness, sports teams and individuals.

Building on the brand’s previous work with big-name corporates in Asia, including Bloomberg, SAP and Accenture, UFIT Performance will deliver leadership and wellness programmes that can be implemented throughout businesses globally.

“UFIT Performance focuses on the human performance aspect of wellness,” explains Commercial Director Will Skinner, who is heading up the new division.

“All of our programmes work towards increasing the performance of an employee by looking at everything from their productivity to how healthy and happy they are in the workplace,” adds the former professional England rugby player.

Currently working with business-networking platform LinkedIn as an official wellness Partner, UFIT manages its holistic programme and in-house gym facility for over 330 of its Singapore-based staff. With Disney Singapore also listed as a client and a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise partnership that led to Skinner working with 1,200 people in Las Vegas earlier this month, it’s clear the market for corporate wellness is one worth tapping into.

Singaporean Fitness Concept UFIT Launches Corporate Wellness Arm

Image: UFIT

The consciousness surrounding staff wellbeing has increased exponentially over the last few years, and more businesses are looking at forward-thinking companies like LinkedIn, Google and HP and thinking about what they can do for their staff, argues Skinner. UFIT Performance plans to leverage that interest by creating programmes highlighting the tangible benefits of investing in workplace wellness.

“We want to show businesses that the number of sick days, for example, is being reduced and therefore their insurance premium has come down because they are introducing wellness initiatives into the workforce,” explains Skinner.

“Companies want to see a return on any investment and so we’ve got to put the elements in place that are able to show that return,” he adds.

Concrete analytics are key says Skinner, but so is producing as bespoke a model as possible.

“We love to be creative with the guys we work with, we know that no two companies or teams are alike so we tailor our approach to suit their goals and culture,” he comments. UFIT’s wellness programmes cover a variety of different elements that fall under three performance maxims; mobility and movement, rest and recovery and nutrition and hydration.

Skinner is confident UFIT’s programmes will improve the resilience, concentration, precision, consistency and happiness of any workforce. However, he says it’s his and his team’s job to prove just how much of a positive impact they can have on the bottom-line through a proportionately low investment.


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