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Social Wellness Club ‘Remedy Place’ Aims To Empower Health-Conscious Consumers

LOS ANGELES, United States — Remedy Place, a ground-breaking new social wellness club in Los Angeles aims to rewrite the rules of self-care and empower consumers to take back control of their health and wellness.

The high-end club (which offers both memberships and an a la carte menu) targets those who want their social life to be enhanced by a healthy lifestyle, rather than being sacrificed. As a result, Remedy Place fuses social interaction and education with self-care to create a new type of destination that enables guests to meet, socialise and relax.

Driving a more balanced and informed approach to wellness, it embodies a strong focus on education and independence, teaching guests how to be healthy in their daily lives by incorporating self-care rituals into their existing routines, on their own terms. 

The club’s messaging: ‘The remedy exists within you. We help you unlock it’ speaks to consumers who are in control and empowered — an approach that hopes to redefine the way wellness brands engage with consumers.

Remedy Place is the manifestation of my life’s work – which is to radically change the way society integrates education into wellness. Our current healthcare model is dependent and reactive, but I believe people should be independent and proactive. This can only be done through education,” says Founder and CEO, Dr. Jonathan Leary (doctor of chiropractic medicine).

“I want people to take back control. To do this, I wanted to create a place that was communal in nature, so that one can incorporate wellness into their social life – because the two can and should go hand in hand.”

Leary, Los Angeles’ first and only concierge wellness doctor, has been on a mission to change the face of standard healthcare. His private practice is widely known for its unique, holistic approach and tangible results, all using techniques that optimize the body’s capacity for natural healing. 

His previous education and years of work in the industry, have given him an extensive foundation of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, physiology, clinical nutrition, and rehabilitation — all of which, he says has informed the Remedy Place experience. 

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According to Dr Leary, the current market still tends to operate with a general attitude towards healthcare that’s reactive rather than proactive, with individuals seeking health when there is pain or a problem that needs fixing, rather than maintaining a balance in their bodies to make those issues happen less often. 

Social Wellness Club 'Remedy Place' Aims To Empower Health-Conscious Consumers
Image: Remedy Place
Credit: www.allthebellsandwhistles.com

He argues that, even for those who are more mindful of their health and wellness, there’s still a lot of confusion around where to turn for resources that can help them understand what to do for their body and why. 

One of the main aims of Remedy Place is to act as an educational and supportive resource for people looking to be more empowered and independent in their own healthcare. We have an incredible expert team ready to help make that a reality,” he tells Welltodo.

By bringing many services to guests that haven’t otherwise been provided to the public in this kind of social and accessible space, with Remedy Place, Dr. Leary hopes to see a change in the way individuals approach their own health and wellness. “That means being more proactive and conscious about the way we treat our bodies, what we feed them, how we move them, and what makes us feel best,” he says.

The venue, which features hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy, a meditation room for group classes, and a lounge and bar, have all been designed to foster both communal experiences as well as moments of sanctuary, to focus and reset. 

In addition, through cutting-edge techniques and practices, members and guests are shown how to integrate body maintenance and self-care into their existing lives. An extensive menu of treatments covers everything from helping people reset their circadian rhythm after travelling to combating a hangover or elevating rest and recovery days. Ice baths with breathwork, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, vitamin IVs, acupuncture and movement therapy are all available on-site. The majority of services are bookable solo or socially so they can be experienced with a friend or a few which helps maintain the social atmosphere Remedy Place encourages with their guests.

“I’ve always known that I can’t make other people healthy, they have to make themselves healthy,” Dr. Leary tells Welltodo.

“What I mean by that is, I can’t take care of your body for you but I can teach you how to do it on your own. That’s a far more sustainable approach to health and wellness than to look for a magic solution.”

With Remedy Place, he believes that he can provide the tools and education needed to help people better understand what they need, to work in smarter ways and maintain balance, all within a setting that doesn’t require sacrifice or isolation.

The long-term goal is to grow Remedy Place into a position to be able to provide larger free education programs to help people become more independent in their health and self-care, reveals Dr. Leary. 

He also argues that more research needs to be funded for holistic healthcare, to show the benefits of care that aren’t directly related to prescription medication and/or surgery (unless absolutely necessary). 

“Of course, this all comes along with growth and that’s on the horizon for us too – maybe sooner than you think,” he reveals.

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