Studio Spotlight: Say Hello To Women’s Only Crossfit In Battersea


Unbroken. It’s plastered across the back wall of an I-wouldn’t-have-even-known-it-was-there type studio by Battersea Station: Crossfit Perpetua. You may hear Crossfit and shy away (we nearly did), but stick with us because the trainers at this studio are doing something very right with the launch of a women’s only Crossfit class.

This new Crossfit studio is seriously well equipped, with everything from gymnast rings to all the supplies of your average Olympic weightlifter. It is raw, real, and tough. If you’re looking for frills and pampering – look elsewhere. That said, the trainers make sure that anyone can participate. You won’t be thrown straight into the deep end and instead will start off with small training sessions of two to three people to make sure your form and confidence is on point.

“There’s a lot of anxiety over doing Crossfit, people have heard of it and haven’t tried it because all the videos are of people that have trained to do it,” says Steve Mellor, Crossfit Perpetua’s Women’s Club trainer.

“Above all, we focus on form, if your form isn’t there then you’re not working the muscles you should be working.”

Crossfit Perpetua introduces Women's Only classes in Battersea

The women’s only classes are specially designed to target the muscles that women use the most. They recognise that women are fundamentally different in the way we use our bodies; for example, doing closer-grip pushups will work your triceps rather than your biceps when doing a traditional wider-grip pushup. It tones and strengthens in the areas women tend to focus on.

The class starts in a way you might not expect: yoga and breathing exercises. There is a huge focus on stretching properly at Crossfit Perpetua to make sure your muscles are supple and ready to go from the moment the clock starts ticking. After learning the proper form of the exercises, such as rowing thrusters and burpee box jumps – all very classic Crossfit moves that work every part of your body – you’ll be thrown into a 10-minute circuit. 10 minutes might seem like a long time when you’re waiting for the tube, but it goes remarkably fast when you’re in a competition with your body to pump out as many circuits as possible in the time.

Crossfit Perpetua does women's only crossfit classes

Crossfit Perpetua is all about expanding from the cult-following of Crossfit to make one of the toughest workouts safe and accessible for everyone. The new women’s class run four times a week at and will see you doing power lifting, gymnastics, and rowing all in one.

Female strengthening is the new staple in the week of every fitbunny, so schedule a session south of the river to try something completely different, and be unbroken.

Women’s Club classes run Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri mornings with Steve Mellor.

Crossfit Perpetua, Unit 74 Queens Circus 326-342 Queenstown Rd Battersea London SW8 4NE

(Near Chelsea Bridge)

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