Technogym Wades Into The On-Demand Fitness Fray With New Platform


CESENA, Italy — Technogym is launching live and on-demand fitness content via the latest version of its Mywellness app, as fitness companies continue to shift to an omnichannel approach that’s ‘pandemic proof’.

The Italian fitness titan, which has been manufacturing industry-leading fitness equipment for more than 30 years, says the new content solution will allow its customers to participate in “unparalleled training experiences anywhere” and connect with “their favourite classes and instructors” — a model it argues is more important now than ever.

The app, which will enable fitness operators to deliver as well as create original content, and provide a comprehensive choice of video workouts to their users — including a library of Technogym classes, featuring ready-to-use content created by Technogym — is being touted as a new business opportunity for clubs to boost member engagement and attraction. 

According to Nerio Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym:

“In the current challenging times, Mywellness has been playing a fundamental role in supporting operators to connect, engage and coach their customers during the lockdown and has also been supporting operators’ comprehensive re-opening strategies.”

He added: “Now, thanks to Mywellness app 5.0, the opportunity for operators to engage with more users has been extended, allowing them to follow their favourite instructors and classes, even when they’re not at the club, as well as having access to our extensive library of world-class content.”

The overarching goal is to create a more seamless customer experience and create confidence at the same time. 

15 million people are already registered on the Mywellness digital platform in 15,000 clubs globally, says Technogym, with Mywellness for professionals leveraging the latest innovations to provide “Wellness on the Go” –– a revolutionary personalised experience allowing users to access their training programmes, workouts, results, content and more, on Technogym smart equipment and mobile devices, anywhere in the world, at any time. 

By building out its ecosystem even further, Technogym is covering its bases to reflect the fact that consumers are now increasingly looking to manage their health and wellness beyond the gym and studio.

Last year the company launched the Technogym Bike, a smart indoor exercise bike to rival the hugely successful Peloton model, a move Alessandri said at the time, was part of the company’s plans to build on its interconnected matrix of products and digital content to enable it to better compete in the rapidly growing digital fitness market.

“Variety and personalisation will be the keywords for the future of the wellness and fitness industry,” Alessandri told Welltodo. Adding: “The digital revolution is empowering people to look for unique experiences and digital technology and artificial intelligence will be more and more important to understand your customer’s profile and to deliver personalised services.” 

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With the outbreak of the coronavirus accelerating that revolution, Technogym isn’t wasting any time making sure it’s on the right side of change.


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