The Business of Wellness with Adam Thompson, Former Chief Rebel, Rebel Kitchen


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This podcast is for you if you are running a business in the wellness industry, thinking about starting a business, cultivating a career in this space, or intrigued by how your favourite wellness brand was setup.

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Adam Thompson is the former Managing Director (aka Chief Rebel) of plant-based brand, Rebel Kitchen. With a mission to challenge the status quo, the line of coconut-based products are sold in 22 countries globally, has B Corp status, and most recently (September 2019) went carbon neutral. 

With annual sales exceeding £6million, Rebel Kitchen does things differently. From company culture, to their MYLK with a ‘Y’, the business has been built to ask questions, challenge the norm and ultimately be a force for good that can stand the test of time.

In this episode, Adam chats about the rise of the conscious consumer, waking people up to what they are being told and sold, as well as sharing the highs and lows of launching an F&B brand into new markets. We also discuss the importance of taking a personal approach to the welfare of staff and how this can determine productivity (read more about Rebel Kitchen’s company culture here.

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