The Business of Wellness with Brian Bordainick & Julie Schott, Co-Founders, Starface


On The Business of Wellness podcast this week, we’re chatting to the Founders of beauty brand Starface, Brian Bordainick & Julie Schott. Best known for its hero product, the Hydro-Stars, this brand aims to break down the stigmas attached to skin breakouts. 

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Series 3. Episode 4:
Let’s talk about the business of wellness…

Brian Bordainick and Julie Schott launched beauty brand Starface in September 2019 following $2 million in seed funding and backing from industry leader Bobbi Brown. Their hero product, the Hydro-Stars is a hydrocolloid pimple patch that has been designed to break down the stigmas attached to skin breakouts and capture the imagination of consumers bored of the negative rhetoric used by many existing skincare brands.

In this episode, we hear how the brand’s character ‘Big Yellow’ was purposefully created to become the ‘star’ of the show (quite literally), the strategy behind launching the product in a crowded marketplace, and why understanding the data behind their audience led them to Tik Tok. We also discuss the future of the beauty sector including labels such as clean, vegan, free-from, and how Starface plans to become a legacy brand that just so happened to launch a couple of years ago. 

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