The Business of Wellness with Chris Sanborn, COO, The Class

Series 6, episode 6 with Chris Sanborn, COO of cult workout concept The Class.

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Series 6. Episode 6:
Let’s talk about the business of wellness…

My guest today is Chris Sanborn, COO of cult workout concept The Class. He’s the man responsible for leading the business’s digital transformation and bringing The Class to homes right across the world. Previous to joining The Class, Chris was the Founder and President of a digital creative agency called Sanborn where he helped clients across various sectors leverage new media to grow their business.

In this episode, Chris shares the true purpose and mission of The Class, and why it’s not a concept that’s been built to make you shed weight or build an 8-pack, but to help people re-balance and find happiness. We hear his fresh perspectives around why data is only useful if it’s intertwined with magic – magic being creativity, intuition, and ideas – and why he employs a culture of ‘fail fast’ within his team.

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