The Business of Wellness with Ian, Sammi & Daniel, Co-Founders, Fiit


Presented by Welltodo, host Lauren Armes will take you into the minds of the wellness industry’s most successful brand owners, industry leaders and innovators. In this series, we’re asking the big question: what does it really take to grow and succeed in the global wellness industry?

This podcast is for you if you are running a business in the wellness industry, thinking about starting a business, cultivating a career in this space, or intrigued by how your favourite wellness brand was setup.

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Ian McCaig, Sammi Adhami, and Daniel Shellard are the Founders of Fiit. An at-home-workout app recognised by the media as the ‘Netflix of fitness’. Ex-google employees, and Founders of Qubit, the trio have set themselves a challenge to transform the lives of the UK.

Since Fiit launched in April 2018, the Fiit app has been downloaded by 150,000 users, generated in excess of 350,000 starred user ratings, and seen more than 500,000 classes completed. With a solid founding team balancing quick decisions and team morale, and a host of celebrity trainers and influencers leading the workouts, it really is no wonder that the fitness app has attracted investment of £8.9million and won the hearts of the UK. 

In this episode, Ian, Sammi and Daniel dive into the inspiration behind Fiit, the use of influencers – in both their product and marketing – and how they stand out against 150,000 fitness apps available now, on the app store. 

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