The Business of Wellness with Jonathan Petrides (JP), Co-Founder, allplants

On this new episode of The Business of Wellness podcast we’re finding out what it takes to build Europe’s largest dedicated plant-based kitchen, allplants.

Find out what it really takes to grow and succeed in the global wellness industry?

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Series 4. Episode 2:
Let’s talk about the business of wellness…

Jonathan Petrides (JP) is the Co-Founder of allplants, Europe’s largest dedicated plant-based kitchen serving over 1 million frozen ready meals to households across the UK. Launched by JP and his brother Alex Petrides in 2017, the duo set out to inspire more people to eat plants for a better future for our planet.

In this episode, JP shares the vision behind the plant-powered business, the challenges of delivering a frozen vegan product around the UK (including finding eco-friendly packaging), and how as a team, allplants obsess over customer feedback. We also talk about building a community-driven legacy business and the importance of becoming a certified B Corp.

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