The Business of Wellness with Leyon Azubuike and Nick Henry, Co-Founders, Gloveworx

In this bonus episode of The Business of Wellness podcast we’re sharing a story of grit, determination and powerful partnerships. Meet Leyon Azubuike and Nick Henry, Co-Founders of boxing gym, Gloveworx.

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Series 3. Episode 11:
Let’s talk about the business of wellness…

Leyon Azubuike and Nick Henry are business partners and Co-Founders of multi-location US boxing studio, Gloveworx. Built on a strong foundation of authenticity and a mindset rooted in adaptability, Gloveworx is on a mission to tackle boxing’s ‘blood, sweat and violence’ stigma, and make it accessible to everyone. 

In this episode, we find out how Leyon went from a devastating knee injury at college to becoming one of the most sought after trainers in the US. We discuss the challenges of scaling a fitness brand that relies solely on one person and why this got business partner Nick thinking about digital solutions long before COVID came along. We also learn more about the evolution of the business including partnerships with M&C Saatchi, Bach Enterprises, and new connected box-fit platform, Liteboxer. 

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