The Business of Wellness with Livio Bisterzo, Founder, HIPPEAS & Green Park Brands


Season 2 of The Business of Wellness continues with the Founder of HIPPEAS.

Presented by Welltodo, host Lauren Armes will take you into the minds of the wellness industry’s most successful brand owners, industry leaders and innovators.

We’re asking the big question: what does it really take to grow and succeed in the global wellness industry?

This podcast is for you if you are running a business in the wellness industry, thinking about starting a business, cultivating a career in this space, or intrigued by how your favourite wellness brand was setup.

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Series 2. Episode 2:
Livio Bisterzo is the Founder of chickpea snack sensation HIPPEAS – which turned over £3m in its first year – and under the guise of his parent business, Green Park, is passionate about creating brands that have a point-of-view, and that (in his words): “come out of nowhere, hungry to be everywhere”.

In this episode, Livio dives into the early days of building a pioneering business, the brand story behind HIPPEAS and why taking on capital in the early days allowed him to ready the business for rapid growth. We also talk about building strong consumer relationships and why the best brands of the future will be the ones that operate successfully online, and offline.

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