The Business of Wellness with Luke Armstrong, Global Sales Director, F45


Presented by Welltodo, host Lauren Armes will take you into the minds of the wellness industry’s most successful brand owners, industry leaders and innovators. In this series, we’re asking the big question: what does it really take to grow and succeed in the global wellness industry?

This podcast is for you if you are running a business in the wellness industry, thinking about starting a business, cultivating a career in this space, or intrigued by how your favourite wellness brand was setup.

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Luke Armstrong is the Global Sales Director of fitness franchise F45.
First launched in Sydney, Australia in 2011, F45 is now the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world. Operating in over 40 countries, it boasts more than 1,700 sites globally and more than 70 franchised studios in the UK.

In this episode, Luke shares what it takes to become an F45 owner, the importance of using strategies like F45’s ‘8 week challenge’ to unite and build an authentic community, and how celebrity Mark Walhberg came to love and invest in the brand. We also discuss the future of the high-growth brand including more sites, a potential IPO and maybe even a new product offering – F45 escapes, anyone?

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