The Business of Wellness with Max Henderson, Co-Founder, Hotpod Yoga


Welcome back to Series 4 of The Business of Wellness podcast. In the wake of a global pandemic, we’re looking at the wellness industry through a whole new lens. 

In this series, we hear from the innovative boutique studios who have pivoted online, plant-based brands that have seen record sales, clean beauty brands that have prioritised purpose and community alongside profit, and the many other facets of adjusting to a new global climate for businesses. 

As always, we’re taking you behind the scenes, to hear what it’s like to launch and run a successful wellness business and where opportunities exist.

In this episode of The Business of Wellness podcast we’re sharing the story of Europe’s largest yoga brand, Hotpod Yoga

Find out what it really takes to grow and succeed in the global wellness industry?

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Series 4. Episode 1:
Let’s talk about the business of wellness…

Max Henderson is the Co-Founder of Hotpod Yoga, Europe’s largest yoga company. Launched in 2013, Max and his Co-Founder Nick have grown the business to 80 locations across 8 countries. 

In this episode, Max shares with us his experience of discovering yoga as a regular consumer and how he spotted a gap in the market for something more mass market-friendly. We also discuss the business decision to create a franchise model, and how that opportunity has enabled rapid expansion, and the power behind their unique, patented yoga pod. Plus, Max shares future plans to disrupt the at-home yoga experience! 

Recorded in early September 2020 following a nationwide lockdown, Max talks to us about what the future for the boutique market looks like post-COVID, the demise of city centers, and if COVID has taught them anything, it’s that they’ve built a resilient business model that can weather the storm. 

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