The Business of Wellness with Thang Vo-Ta, Co-Founder, Callaly

Season 5, episode 5 with Thang Vo-Ta, the Co-Founder and CEO of revolutionary fem-care brand, Callaly.

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Series 5. Episode 5:
Let’s talk about the business of wellness…

My guest today is Thang Vo-Ta, Co-Founder and CEO of pioneering fem-care brand, Callaly. With 70% of tampon users opting to also use a panty-liner, Thang and his two Co-Founders set about to revolutionise the stagnant market and develop the tampliner – a combination of an organic cotton tampon and mini-liner. 

In this episode, we talk about why the fem-care sector has for decades fallen short of gold standards, why more than ever inclusivity in the sector is needed, and how Thang and his team are pushing boundaries in the space to honour women and the planet. We also dive into the importance of patent protection, what the brand is doing with its £13.2 million of investment and why being a B Corp is hard work, but worth it. 

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