The Nue Co. Diversifies With Haircare Launch

LONDON, United Kingdom — Fast-growing wellness brand The Nue Co. is diversifying its portfolio again with the launch of a new collection that addresses hair health.

The two-step approach, which includes an ingestible supplement called Growth Phase and a topical serum called Supa Thick is aimed at boosting hair growth and volume from the inside out by tackling everyday issues including stress, nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance and pollution.

The startup’s decision to expand into haircare comes at a time when a growing number of established wellness brands — particularly within the supplement, skincare and beauty sectors — are diversifying into adjacent personal care categories to further support existing customers with whom they already have a trusted relationship.

By creating a more holistic and integrated approach to wellness under the umbrella of one brand, the aim is to cut through the noise, simplify the process and forge deeper and more profitable relationships.

The Nue Co. Diversifies With Haircare Launch
Image: The Nue Co.

The Nue Co., which has been steadily growing its range of products for the last few years — most recently via its expansion into functional fragrances — has already found success with this strategy. Despite the challenge of converting its consumer base to a new format and new concept online in the notoriously difficult fragrance category, the brand sold out within a few weeks of the launch of its first fragrance, and just eight days for its second.

This, alongside a groundbreaking partnership with US beauty retailer Sephora, in which a range of its products are now stocked both instore and via the brand’s website, demonstrates not only the growing demand for alternative wellness solutions that sit outside the realm of pills and powders but also the ongoing convergence of beauty, wellness and personal care.

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The value of expanding into wider product categories that consumers consider to be essential and interconnected components of their wellness lifestyle is on the rise and The Nue Co. understands that currency. 

However, Founder Jules Miller also recognises that to make a real impact on adjacent categories, the brand must identify the whitespaces that exist and innovate within them.

“On one end of the spectrum, you have traditional hair gummies. And they speak to one contributing factor of hair loss, which is usually nutrient deficiencies. They’re usually cheaper,” Miller told Glossy.

“Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got people who are losing their hair. They’ve got alopecia, they’ve got bald patches. They’re going to the doctor because they need professional help from a dermatologist. This is between the two. It’s for the women who are shedding more hair than they usually do. Statistically, that’s one in three of us.”

The Nue Co. Diversifies With Haircare Launch
Image: The Nue Co.

By creating a range that addresses both of those concerns in a more accessible and reflective way, The Nue Co. is purposefully breaking ground and adding value to the consumer experience in a way that has the potential to reimagine the market.

According to the company, Growth Phase, which is priced at $65 and comes with a month’s supply of supplements has already demonstrated a 40% improvement in hair growth and 87% reduction in hair shedding across 20 weeks, based on clinical trials. Supa Thick, meanwhile, which is priced at $45 for 4 ounces, has been proven to reduce hair shedding and also improve scalp health within 12 weeks. 

With both products featuring a mix of essential oils and cutting-edge technology, this makes the Growth Collection “perfect for the woman who is shedding more and more hair, and is looking for medical-grade results, using a non-hormonal and drug-free solution,” commented Miller.

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