The On-Demand Fitness App That Will Change The Way You Train!

It’s like the Uber of Personal Training and threatens to shake up the London fitness scene with the same velocity. TruBe launches officially this month in London and it’s the first ever on-demand personal training app.

With a seamless user experience, TruBe is your PT concierge, offering same-day availability (up to an hour before hand) which allows you to book a one-on-one or group session with a fully qualified trainer… (drum roll) at a time and location that suits you.

“TruBe makes it easier to live a healthier and more active lifestyle by removing the barriers to exercise, including class timetables and travel time to and from the gym,” says Daria Kantor, CEO and Founder of TruBe.

“By offering on-demand service, TruBe provides workouts whenever and wherever the client prefers, and at the intensity level desired,” she adds.

TruBe fitness app will change the way you train

Given the ease to book same day training sessions or up to two weeks in advance, TruBe is going to revolutionise the modern approach to working out – where you control your schedule, not the other way round. Ultimately, TruBe is about making it easier to achieve your fitness goals.

Your session is totally customisable, including the intensity level and style. The types of workouts vary from high intensity interval training and ballet barre, to toning and conditioning, strength and power, or pre- and post-natal.

Whilst you may not know exactly who you’re going to get – you can rest assured that TruBe trainers are top notch and all receive signature coaching to ensure a consistent, first-rate experience no matter who is training you. Mixing up your training partner also ensures variation in your workout and means you’ll constantly discover new ways to exercise.

You can, however, select the gender of your trainer – who’ll travel to any destination you like, including home, office, hotel or park. Keen to meet a trainer at 6pm for a HIIT session in Battersea Park? Now, it’s just a few taps away.

At £65 p/hour (paid post-session via the app), TruBe is competitively priced – remembering that you can forget the cost of travelling through peak hour traffic or missing your gym session because of tube delays.

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