Meet Natalie Glaze AKA The Nutritionista

It’s time to meet the faces and discover the personalities behind London’s blossoming wellness culture. The ‘well beings’. In a new series, The Well-Being Files, we’re peering into fitness studios, kitchens, and offices, introducing you to the movers and shakers of the wellness industry. The ones giving this lifestyle (of cacao nibs and squats) a megaphone and taking it absolutely mainstream.

Without further adieu, meet Natalie Glaze, AKA the Nutritionista. She’s a full time fitness writer and blogger; hanging up the heels of corporate life last year to make a passion for healthy living more than just a pastime.

Natalie, take us back to your first fitness related memory?

I think I have always been active, when I was younger I danced and was very into horse riding, however it wasn’t until second year of university that I discovered the gym. I had never set foot in one before this point. It was a real turning point, as it was then that I discovered just how amazing working out can make you feel. I haven’t looked back since.

But why bother? What’s your purpose in keeping fit and healthy?

Like I mentioned, working out makes you feel amazing. Yes, it’s great to exercise and look as good as you possibly can, but it’s so much more than that.

Feeling fit and healthy makes you happier, more energised, and motivated. The real reason I fell in love with exercise was because of how great I felt after a workout. I love the post workout buzz. It’s great for your mind too, if I’m ever stressed or anxious – I know a good workout will make me feel better. For me keeping fit and healthy is my life it keeps you happy, helps you sleep better and makes you look great too. What’s not to love?

Tell us, what is it about new activewear… ?

Oh don’t get me started….. I think I have an addiction to new activewear. I would quite happily live in nothing but trainers and gymwear! Luckily for me that’s totally acceptable now. The majority of the time I go for breakfast, lunch or juice meetings and nearly everyone is wearing gymwear. I think this has been helped by the rise in so many amazing new activewear brands. We now have so many options for great stylish workout gear. I also find that when I’m wearing a great gym outfit I feel 10x more motivated.

Talk us through a typical grocery shop? Do you frequent the supermarket? Hit up markets? Buy online?

I tend to do one big food shop a week, at a big supermarket and normally online for all my basics (just because I hate carrying millions of bags home with me). I wish I could say I was one of those people who bought everything from markets, however this isn’t always possible for me. So I try and bulk buy my main food shop online and then get all my fruit and vegetables locally. There is a great little store near me called The Peoples Supermarket which has a great selection of fresh seasonal vegetables. Then I occasionally pop to Borough Market on the weekend where I’ll try and stock up on lots of the fresh produce available.

To supplement or not to supplement, what are your thoughts?

Personally, I don’t supplement. Not for any particular reason… I just don’t feel the need to. I think having a balanced diet which includes lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water means I don’t necessarily need to supplement. I think we can get all the goodness our bodies need from food. If I feel run down I will dose up on green juices and lots of hot water and lemon and that usually does the trick.

Which 3 words best describe your vision of wellbeing?

Balance, movement, happiness

What is London crying out for more of?

I think London is doing pretty well on the health and wellness scene. Yes we’re far behind New York and Australia, but we have to remember that this whole health movement in London is a fairly recent thing. I remember the first cold pressed juice bar opening and the excitement it caused. Now there is one popping up every two seconds! Raw food restaurants, cold pressed juices, superfood salads… all of these are becoming common place in London. It’s an amazing step in the right direction.

It will be great to see more healthy options available on the high street, and generally becoming more mainstream as although we have great healthy eateries available if you aren’t near one of these then often it can be hard to grab a quick healthy lunch or snack.

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