Theragun Launches Groundbreaking New Devices & CBD Line


LOS ANGELES, United States —Theragun, the cult US brand synonymous with percussive massage therapy is launching a line of groundbreaking new devices, as it furthers its charge into the mainstream market.

The company, which has rebranded as Therabody, debuted the fourth-generation devices earlier this week, as well as unveiling TheraOne — a line of CBD products that complement its progressive approach to therapy. 

Speaking to Welltodo, founder Dr. Jason Wersland explained: “We’re driving where we want to be as a company with our products. We’re constantly innovating in the pursuit of the perfect products and making sure that people know how to use them.”

Adding: “Now, with the launch of TheraOne, we are able to offer our customers another natural wellness solution that is not only effective on its own but also complements our Theragun percussive therapy devices.”

Among the brand’s new products, most notably, is the Theragun Mini — a pocket-sized device priced at $199. Featuring new “QuietForce” technology, it operates at a much lower volume than its predecessors, without sacrificing on any of its power. The cheapest percussion gun from the brand yet, this accessible and portable product suggests a move towards targeting a more mainstream consumer, who might look to incorporate it into their daily wellness routine.

Therabody, which first launched back in 2007, has long been a favourite with professional sports teams, athletes and celebrities. However, with consumer thirst for stretching and recovery tools continuing to rise, offering a lower entry solution at athlete level feels like a natural progression for the brand which is currently focused on building out its ecosystem.

The rest of the range, the Prime ($299), Elite ($499) and Pro ($599), all of which operate at the same quiet sound level as the mini, boast varying levels of functionality and attachment options, as well as being Bluetooth enabled.

Paired with the new Therabody app, the user can activate wellness routines based on their personal health activities and data. Suggested routines are based on ailments, body parts and activities, showing the specific muscle, ideal length of time, most effective speed and the amount of pressure that should be applied. 

As we highlighted in our 2020 Consumer Wellness Trends Report, with consumers increasingly expecting brands to provide ‘next-gen personalisation’ like this, offering real-time feedback and guidance on both form and function, as well as creating a two-way and supportive relationship, is becoming key. Therabody, it appears, is priming itself to become a leader of the model.

“This type of personalisation is hugely important,” Dr. Jason told Welltodo.

“The app is built off the idea that we want it to be so interactive that as a user you feel like you have a Dr. Jason sitting next to you. I think about the concept of teaching a man to fish — if I’m just feeding my patients I’m not giving them anything but if I’m teaching them they become something much more sustainable and scalable, and that’s my ultimate goal,” he added.

Theragun Launches Groundbreaking New Devices & CBD Line

Image: TheraOne

In its first departure from tech-enabled devices, Theraone’s CBD products, meanwhile, bring the brand into what is predicted to be a $9.69bn global market By 2025.

Slated for a summer 2020 launch, the range of organic and transformative CBD products — developed after Dr. Jason began recognizing the benefits of integrating CBD into his treatments — includes lotions for pre-activity use and recovery, a balm designed to ease muscle strain, a sleep tincture and massage oil.

Two years in the making, the proprietary line, which is USDA Certified Organic is again directed at a mainstream audience.

“I think what you’ll see, is that as a brand we’re focused on becoming more mainstream. That means not just the CBD products but also the app and devices,” commented Dr. Jason.

“The goal is that everyone in the world has a Theragun,” he tells Welltodo. 

To reach that goal the brand continues to push the boundaries in the tech wellness space.


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