These Expert Tactics Will Help Your Wellness Brand Stand Out From The Crowd – Part Two


Last week we explored the notion that, as the wellness revolution continues to gain traction, standing out in such a crowded market is getting more difficult than ever.

With that in mind, we asked: What can you do to differentiate your brand and engage with your market more effectively?

Speaking to the organisations featured on our Business Services Directory; a curation of high-quality and specialised organisations that provide high-quality and specialised services that support businesses in the wellness industry, we delved into subjects including the impact of packaging, why credibility counts and the importance of understanding your competition.

This week, more of these experts are sharing their proven tactics to help you cut through the noise and communicate your message more clearly………….

Be open and transparent

“You may think that YOU are the brand when you first start a business – you work hard to get everything in place, build income streams and forge ahead with ideas to build it. However, having an open, transparent mindset can really power up your brand in a way that feels more ‘human’ and engaging,” say design consultants Two by Two.

The branding and communications specialists suggest that startups ask their customers for feedback – and share it, try out new ideas – and if they work, celebrate them, or if they fail, explain why.

“Share how you source partners, suppliers and ingredients, where relevant, so that you’re making sure your community is as important as your P&L. This is more than showing off or calling yourself ‘authentic’ – it’s about putting people at the centre of your business. Your people are your brand and vice versa.”

Create a compelling story

Specialist health and fitness PR and marketing agency Action PR says the most important thing needed for a wellness brand to stand out from the crowd is to have a compelling story behind it.

Startups need to make sure they’re setting up a business with a purpose. Consumers are looking for and consistently spending more money on brands with values that align with their own. So, in a growing and increasingly saturated market, it is the brands with authenticity and provenance that stand out.

Open, honest brands that inspire trust are the ones getting attention right now, argue Action, and if they can find a way to give back or do something good for the world, even better.

“Once you have a clear purpose and a compelling story, make sure you’re clear about that messaging in everything you do, especially your marketing and communications. MoreYoga is an example of a client doing this well. They have a clear vision and are committed to bringing great teaching in an accessible environment at an affordable price. This resonates in everything they do like their new launch pricing structures, affordable yoga retreats and the work they do in the community. It’s no wonder they are London’s fastest growing boutique yoga brand.”

Establish an emotional connection

Strategic branding agency Beyond coaches its clients to communicate on an emotional level, because that’s where decisions are made.

“Consumers don’t buy what you do, they make decisions based on how you make them feel,” explains Director Paul Ringsell. “People might not always remember what you say, but they will always remember the way you made them feel — that’s where consumers make an emotional connection with your brand.”

When it comes to marketing, Ringsell suggests that the biggest mistake startups make is talking too much about themselves and their product. “People choose brands in the same way they choose friends, attracted or repelled by particular sets of characteristics,” he argues. “Listen to your customers and understand what they really care about. Be honest, genuine and authentic. If your customers believe what you say, then you have their attention — and that’s where the opportunity lies.”

Have a clear purpose

“We always see competition as a positive and do our best to get our clients to embrace it,” argue brand consultancy BTL.  “But as the industry grows, new and existing wellness brands have to work even harder to get their products or services seen, and their voice heard.

BTL insist that too many brands just focus on ‘what’ they do. But it’s no longer enough to just have a good product or service in order to build a wellness brand that stands out. The wellness brands that are making a difference today understand that a great (not just good) product or service is just their entry point into the market. The most successful wellness brands meanwhile, have taken the time and made the effort to craft an engaging narrative that not only talks about what they do, but ‘how’ they do it and, most importantly, ‘why’ they do it.

“When brands get this right it helps them stand out from the crowd and makes their job so much easier when trying to get traction with their early adopters. Brands with purpose really do stand tall.”

Utilise your USP

Ariadna’s Thread PR, a small independent consultancy specialising in PR, marketing and social media services for wellness brands, suggests that startups shouldn’t try to communicate too many messages at once.

Instead, each startup should look at its key USP and come up with a creative way to communicate it via its marketing efforts.

“You can even turn your weaknesses into your unique messages. For example, if your business is fairly conservative due to whatever reason, make that your strength and promote it as being traditional, sticking to its values, reliable, consistent and trustworthy,” says the PR.

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