This Post-Workout Skincare Range Actually Aids Muscle Recovery!


Getting sweaty for an hour will give you so much. You know the benefits. Staying sweaty for the rest of the day when you don’t have time for a shower? Not so much. Sure, you can use a towel, or face wipes to get the top layer of grime off, or you could use something that will actually aid your recovery: Activbod.

It’s not just a drugstore buy – although it is available at Boots stores across the UK – it’s a specially formulated skincare range for exercise-junkies with skin coolers, muscle warmers and anti-redness treatments that are a first for mainstream skincare buys.

The fitness industry is no longer a niche – it’s huge. The rest of the world is just catching up: first boutique activewear, then cold-pressed juice bars, and now it seems the beauty industry is creating products that specifically cater for all our “post-workout flush” problems, with Activbod at the head. It’s a brand that was made by athletes for athletes, in other words, they know what you mean when you say you need 2 hours for exercise – 1 for the workout and the other for making yourself look like you didn’t just have your ass handed to you.

There are 6 different products in the current activbod line: game changer face scrub, feel great shower concentrate, pick me up scrub (just to name a few). Heat and sweat messes with your skins pH balance, so all of the products work with natural ingredients to replenish your skin, get rid of the smell that says I-worked-hard, and cool your muscles to aid their recovery.

Activbod actually aids muscle recover

Active ingredients are the secret behind activbod that give your body an extra boost, like green tea leaf extract that has powerful antioxidants and helps the tone and health of skin, and salicylic acid that exfoliates your skin. Ever wondering how to get rid of those red bumps that crawl up the backs of your arms? If not, you’re lucky – but “chicken skin” or known by your GP as Keratosis Pilaris effects nearly 50% of women, and exercise does it no favours. Salicylic acid will smooth those out minus the daily exfoliation. In other words – it’s the lazy girl’s guide to better skin.

The people at activbod aren’t just passionate about taking care of body post and pre exercise, they’re also getting out their and trying to get more Brits moving with their 2015 #ibothered campaign.

Activbod is available from Boots with a price tag ranging from £5-£12 so it won’t burn a whole in your wallet either.

Oh, and we know this means all of our excuses to stay on the couch have basically been wound to none – thanks for that (but really, thanks!).



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