Tony Robbins Backed Fitness Studio GRIT BXNG Launches At-Home Concept

NEW YORK, United States — The team behind GRIT BXNG, including equity holders Tony Robbins, Pitbull and Tim Draper are launching a brand new connected home fitness concept aimed at bridging the gap between cutting edge technology and community.

GRIT EPIQ, an all-in-one gym combining A.I, 3D sensor technology and smart digital weights will take on competitors including Peloton, Hydrow, Tonal, CLIMBR and more in what’s fast becoming a hyper-growth category.

And the company isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to setting itself apart.

Co-created by Bill Zanker, the serial entrepreneur behind GRIT BXNG and The Learning Annex, and designed by Eric Villency — the mastermind behind the Peloton bike — the sleek device comprises of a 2-way mirror that connects users with other classmates, trainers, and celebrity fitness personalities.

The user experience, meanwhile, is heavily focused on the cultivation of community with socialising at its core. Users will be able to meet before and after classes at the virtual GRIT Bar using “clubhouse” style technology. Networking events and seminars will be led by renowned experts. And individuals will even be able to meet other members for dating or networking.

According to Zanker, the result is: “the most complete at-home gym ever created” and “a new kind of fitness community”.

GRIT BXNG launching a brand new connected home fitness concept

In response to what GRIT EPIQ argues views as a lot of boring, non-social at-home workouts, it sees itself as putting the “connected” back into connected fitness devices.

“Most of today’s at-home fitness companies proclaim they’re “connected” but when it really comes down to it, they underwhelm,” argued Co-Founder Ediva Zanker.

“We are designing GRIT EPIQ to be one of the first truly global social+ fitness products,” she added.

And its backers are confident it has what it takes to make a mark on the multi-billion dollar virtual fitness market, with equity holders Tony Robbins, Pitbull and Tim Draper taking the lead when it comes to investing in the concept.

Alongside its high-profile investors, a recently launched crowdfunding campaign on Republic aims to further bolster its financing, with members of the public able to invest from as little as $297.

At the time of writing more than 250 people had already invested in the company, which aims to raise up to $10 million.