Under Armour Partners With Turf Games To Challenge Reebok CrossFit Games


LONDON, United Kingdom — Under Armour has announced a new partnership with British functional fitness competition Turf Games.

The deal will see Turf Games Summer Festival rebranded as the Under Armour Turf Games 2019, with the fitness brand also serving as lead sponsor for all other Turf Games events in 2019.  

The move comes at a time when competitive fitness continues to attract hundreds of thousands of participants to events across the globe, as well as impacting the class models of boutique fitness operators such as F45, Orangetheory and Barry’s Bootcamp.

“The rise of functional fitness has seen the way people train change which has opened this market up to a much wider audience,” says Turf Games Founder Andrew Manteit.

“People invest now in experiences and are willing to part ways with their funds in return for spending an amazing time with their friends, like-minded people and to challenge themselves.  

Everyone who takes part in Turf Games is there to test their fitness, endurance and willpower at one of the toughest fitness events in the UK and Under Armour’s support will undoubtedly help them push beyond any limit.”

Launched in 2017, the first Turf Games event took place with just 30 male participants, it has since grown to include four UK events annually featuring hundreds of athletes – with a 50/50 male-female split, as well as two international competitions in the USA and Australia.

According to Manteit, it was created to fill a gap for those looking to compete in fitness, but who weren’t part of the CrossFit community. What started as some informal team-based competitions is now set to attract over 900 contestants, with more than 3000 spectators in attendance, at this summer’s event.

And having Under Armour onboard is likely to elevate the event and brand once again, argues the entrepreneur, who plans to expand the concept into major international cities and over the coming years.

“We’ve already done Sydney once and the second Sydney Turf Games takes place this November. We are also hosting a TG in Los Angeles in September and have had major interest from Singapore and Dubai, so we’re only at the beginning,” he tells Welltodo.

For Under Armour, meanwhile, the partnership is just one way it plans on interacting with its audience and expanding its presence in Europe, as it doubles down on reaching customers across different touchpoints.

Having announced its plans to become “a louder brand this year”, in order to better understand the customer journey, the company will be making the most of the events to get its brand values across to an engaged audience.


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