Waitrose To Launch New Initiative To Capitalise On Healthy Eating Boom


LONDON, United Kingdom — British supermarket chain Waitrose is set to introduce nutrition specialists to its stores, as demand for healthy eating options continues to intensify.

In addition to trained members of staff, who’ll be on hand to direct customers towards healthier choices, the grocer will also increase the amount of health information available to its customers. This will include tips and inspiration in its publications and online; plus advice and classes from experts, including Shona Vertue and Professor Greg Whyte.

“Many shoppers have the best intentions to be healthier but busy lives get in the way,” explained Moira Howie, Nutrition & Health Manager at Waitrose.

“We know that small steps, top tips and nuggets of good advice can help them get started and importantly stay on track. Research shows that changes do not have to be radical to have a positive effect and can have a lasting impact on health,” she added.

According to a study carried out by the supermarket, out of the 2000 people surveyed, half admitted that they didn’t feel on top of their health, with a third saying they didn’t have enough time to focus on it. For those who did feel in good control of their health, nearly two thirds (63%) said they felt more positive when taking a long-term approach to creating healthy habits.

By advising shoppers on issues such as how to read food labels and where to find reliable nutritional information, Waitrose plans to break down the challenges often associated with healthy eating and position itself as a credible voice within the health food sector.

According to Waitrose, health and nutrition continue to move up the agenda when it comes to consumers’ purchasing preferences, so it’s not surprising the supermarket is doubling down on its efforts to capture the market.  

The retailer has also announced plans to launch a new magazine ‘Waitrose Health’, targeting healthy eaters who want new ideas, as well as those who aspire to a healthier lifestyle, in addition to a new campaign using a series of recipes to inspire customers to cook everyday meals with a small number of fresh ingredients.

According to Emma Clifford, Associate Director – Food and Drink, at Mintel:

“The income squeeze coupled with the perceived expense of healthy food has the potential to curb the overarching healthy eating trend. However, it also opens ripe opportunities for retailers to provide more support for shoppers in making choices which are both healthy and price savvy – doing so should promote customer loyalty.”

By helping its shoppers make small but achievable changes, Waitrose is gearing up to do just that.


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