Fab Giovanetti: On Building The Health Bloggers Community

As DJ’ing was to the 90’s, so health blogging is to the current decade… with institutes like CNM and IIN inspiring a new generation of healthy lifestyle advocates. As London’s wellness revolution continues, one vivacious Italian is at the heart of a new movement to bring health bloggers – across fitness, food and wellness – together to authenticate the growing profession. 
We caught up with Fab Giovanetti, founder of The Health Bloggers Community, to find out how THBC is transforming the blogging experience, why it benefits both brands and bloggers, and her plans to build a global empire.
What is The Health Bloggers Community?
The Health Bloggers Community is a platform where health bloggers gather, connect and inspire each other. It’s a safe place where they can share their ideas, concerns and breakthroughs. However, the community is not JUST that. We created a learning platform that gives advice, tips, and step-by-step tutorials to create a solid brand for bloggers. We work with experts to empower bloggers to take their brand to the next level.
Was it a case of identifying a gap? Did you suddenly see the need for it?
Can I be honest? No, I didn’t! The reason the community is working so well is because I am becoming a very good listener. For months the platform was just a free group where people shared their concerns and doubts, and we slowly implemented by literally screen-shooting conversations, answering questions, and brainstorming like a MOFO. Every month or two, we ask the community what they’d like to see next. Ask and you shall receive. Even our events are created by asking our attendees what they’d like to see next. It’s a lot about detachment and letting things be controlled by the members, rather than forcing something into such a new market.
How do bloggers get involved and what are the benefits?
You can simply go to healthbloggerscommunity.com/join to join our platform. You can either join as a free member or a premium member. Free members can access our groups, the opportunities and discounts board, some of our resources and the monthly Q&A. Premium members are the real pros, the ones who are ready to make a brand out of their blog. Premium members can promote their events through the platforms, write on our blog and become reporters for a day by going to the most exciting events across the globe (exciting right!?), access the DIY Design Lab and, last but not least, watch our courses and lessons. We add a new course / lesson / workshop each week, so you never get bored!
The Health Bloggers Community becoming a household name in the UK blogging scene, and especially London, what are your plans for expansion?
World takeover. Seriously. This was a running joke since we started, but I truly believe it’s possible. We are already attracting members from Australia and the US, and even Europe! We are opening our shop, with gorgeous designs from our designer Nina (ninaillustrations.com) and we have a few exciting projects in the pipeline which are true game-changers. I am trying not to get overly excited, but I am Italian, I cannot help it!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
As cheesy as it may sound, my community. The boys and girls in there are a daily inspiration for me. I am also part of a few groups with my other businesses, so I am surrounding myself with people who lift me higher every day! If I can recommend a few, on a business and blogging level I’d definitely recommend A Beautiful Mess and Sophia Amoruso’s book Girl Boss. When it comes to health and self-development, I swear by Kris Carr, Danielle LaPorte and Kate Northrup. Just to name a few.
What does a typical day in the life of Fab look like?
I wake up around 7am now that it’s brighter outside, and I get my sweat on. It’s either yoga or HIIT at the moment. I have my 30 minutes of pain or stretch, and I then proceed to make myself a smoothie of some sort. I have a shower, actually get changed and put some mineral foundation on, because I am worth looking pretty even if working from home! I then have my 10/15 minutes meditation, followed by a bit of journaling with my Desire Map Planner. I then open my Passion Planner and check my tasks for the day. I then spend my day between Skype with clients, team members and Health Bloggers workshops. I login the platform every day to interact with my people in the forum, and I’m also quite active in all my Facebook groups. If I have meetings, I get on my bike and go. I tend to cycle almost everywhere! I check my emails twice a day, and I always have a 45-minute walk after lunch – which is usually made the day before. I tend to do the same before dinner. I love cooking my food, it’s therapeutic. I also make packed lunch for Mr. Fab, and I call it a day. I spend my evenings either at the cinema, listening to music whilst reading a book or gaming (such a good guilty pleasure). Phones and iPads wait for me in the living room as I hop to bed at around 10pm.
Fab Giovanetti: On Building The Health Bloggers Community
Image: Fab Giovanett