Tom Hardless: On The Philosophy of iamVibes

The legacy of a clothing brand rests in the philosophy and passion of its founders, and in the case of British clothing brand iamVibes, it was a desire to share the meaning and importance of the Hamsa symbol that has generated a growing cult following. 
We sat down one crisp but sunny afternoon for an almond milk latte with Tom Hardless, the man behind the hand, to discover the beauty that is… iamVibes.
How did iamvibes begin?
iamVibes began during a meditation about 5 years ago. I was channeling an image of the Hamsa, at the time not knowing what it was, along with an alignment sacred geometry. This was then followed by the word “HAMSA” being channeled into my mind. After some reason and digging around the internet I realised what it was, and its power. From here I felt I had to do something creative with the symbol and spread its message of protection. At the time I was working below a t-shirt printing store so ideas starting flying and I thought it would be a great chance to create clothing which inspires people to be protected; mentally, spiritually and physically as well spreading their light to others.
It’s obviously more than just a clothing brand, can you tell us more of what lies at the core?
At the core of iamVibes is a story of two wonderful female beings that came into my life over 2/3 years. Both of these wonderful souls had gone through very intense abusive traumas as young women and were striving to gain more light in their lives and break the negative patterns that existed within them. When we met and these truths came out I started to understand the positive energy I hold from my balanced upbringing, and how I could help and inspire these two souls to heal themselves.
This was when I learnt of how powerful the merging of male and female energies can be once you tune into them within yourself and how we all need that balance.
During these magical periods I really started to understand the female pain body as a whole which sits on society still. This experience really started to align with my vision of the iamVibes Hamsa and how all souls need protection. It just so happens that the Hamsa is a symbol widely known to protect and enhance the female energy. Coincidence?… no. Magic?… yes!
Tom Hardless on the philosophy of iamVibes
Image: IAmVibes
Why is ethical fashion so important to you?
For me this issue is important because I see everything as energy and vibrations, which are interconnected on a quantum level and affect each other with every choice, feeling, movement, intention or thought.
With this in mind I want my clothing to have a strong inspiring intention behind it and for every person along my manufacturing chain to be well looked after and paid a good living wage, so the energy which interacts with my garments is always a positive one. As I am a small self-funded brand, this is extremely hard to pull off in these early stages but I have found some great ways to ensure all my basic garments are Fair Wear Trade certified.
Do you have a background in fashion?
Not at all. I was a touring musician from 17-20 and when that finished my awakening began to unlock my creative human potential. I have a creative mind and spirit and I am learning to utilise and transmute its energy into 3 different mediums, FASHION – MUSIC & PHOTOGRAPHY. A mind which doesn’t limit itself can achieve anything, it just takes patience and learning to be present in the process of creating as well as knowing which energies to bring into your life and which to steer away from.
What do you think is the connection between what we wear and what we do?
The connection is consciousness. The more conscious you become of every part of your life will effect your spiritual, mental and physical growth. Even on a physical level to what you wear, if the items are consciously made and have good intentions/inspiration behind them, they can stand as a reminder and inspiration to your inner peace and journey of becoming more aware and conscious as a human within and outside yourself.
Where can we get our paws on your apparel?
Come and visit my wonderful website for great clothing, endless inspiration and inspiring people
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