Well+Good Founders To Explore Wellness Travel Trends At The Global Wellness Summit


MIAMI, United states — The Founders of US-based wellness publication Well+Good have been announced as Keynote speakers at the forthcoming Global Wellness Summit.

Hosting a session exploring how millennials are disrupting the wellness travel market, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula will share results from a new survey detailing how their community of 7 million millennial women combine wellness and travel.

Analysing the very different facets of wellness that millennials are seeking in their getaways compared with boomers, the duo will delve into what millennials are demanding in fitness, food, and other lifestyle components. They will also connect the dots between millennials’ wellness and travel spending behaviors and how hospitality brands offering wellness programming can start benefiting from them.

“The wellness market is booming in cities far beyond New York and LA, with barre studios, avocado toast and smoothie bars becoming a true global phenomenon in 2017,” explained Gelula.

“And we’re excited to present on future transformations in wellness travel. For instance, if spas were once ‘fix-me!’ destinations for boomers who knew little about wellness, modern consumers – especially millennials – increasingly have their own very sophisticated wellness tastes. The result: far more people now travel to deepen their existing wellness practice, rather than have their wellness light switched on,” she added.

In just seven years, Brue and Gelula have built Well+Good into one of the leading media companies dedicated to the US wellness scene. A top source of intel on the boutique fitness, nutrition, beauty and healthy travel scene, the publication’s annual trends forecast has proven one of the most prescient: predicting everything from the athleisure to the clean beauty to the juicing trend, garnering coverage everywhere from CBS This Morning to The New York Times.

As Co-Founder and CEO, Brue guides Well+Good’s strategic direction and leads the revenue and business development functions, whilst Gelula, who is Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, leads the company’s 20+ editorial team in applying journalistic reporting standards to the wellness lifestyle. She frequently speaks at major conferences on wellness, beauty, and digital trends, and is regularly featured as an industry expert at major news outlets.

“Millennials are the most wellness-obsessed group ever, consuming more healthy products and services, on average, than any generation before. They have their own local wellness gurus, whether their trusted yoga or meditation teacher,” commented Brue.

“And they crave vacations and retreat experiences curated by these trusted experts over legacy spa brands whose names they might know but don’t necessarily trust. There is much to discuss: including the growing transfer of trust from the destination spa brand to the local wellness expert and what ‘brands’ and experiences will matter more in the future,” she added.

Brue and Gelula will join a roster of expert speakers and presenters at the summit, who will be tackling subjects under the theme of “Living a Well Life.” With a strong emphasis on wellness technology, mental wellness, workplace wellness, and wellness real estate/communities, the three-day event will focus on how new wellness concepts are set to transform every aspect of human life.

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“The U.S. is very much an experimental laboratory for wellness concepts, and Alexia and Melissa’s reporting and trends forecasting on what’s cutting edge in fitness, nutrition, beauty and wellness travel has had a wide impact,” commented Susie Ellis, GWS CEO and chairman.

“Their keynote on how millennials will continue to rewrite the wellness landscape will be provocative and profound, and will leave delegates talking and debating…the very heartbeat of the Summit.”


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