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Report Outline

Consumers, now more than ever, are demanding that businesses like yours provide credible and sustainable solutions to everything – from loneliness and digital overload, to optimal performance and chronic illness. The pressure is on to differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded market and to respond to a more demanding and educated customer. Are you clear on the trends that will set you apart?

Progressive and purpose-driven millennials are redefining what it means to 'be well' and forcing brands to rethink the way they engage with their customers and the wider world. This requires you to challenge existing thinking and position yourself more effectively for the future.

This 45-page report sheds light on how your brand can better understand the trends that shape consumer thinking in the wellness industry. This includes a desire for a more connected and holistic approach to health and wellness – and how this is driving cross-collaboration between the healthcare and wellness sectors in ways we have not seen before. The report will support you to create more innovative methods for your consumer to get involved in product and service design and community engagement – both keys to longevity in the rapidly evolving wellness industry landscape.

Innovation is key to success. Are you thinking outside the box? Are you asking yourself the right questions to spark new ideas, products and services that will see you leading, rather than following? 

Compiled by our team of trend experts, with support from Welltodo’s network of thought-leaders, industry veterans, disruptors and innovators, the Welltodo 2019 Consumer Wellness Trends Report uncovers and interprets insights into key consumer trends like inclusivity, the need for greater sense of purpose, a demand for more convenient wellness solutions, the evolution of mental health and the role your business plays in the holistic health movement. If you aren't tracking these trends, you run the risk of missing enormous opportunities as the $4.2 trillion industry (GWI) continues to grow.

Designed to spark a powerful conversation about the business of wellness, the report will help you to discover new ways of thinking and enable you to stay ahead in what is now a multi-trillion dollar industry.

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8 Consumer Trends That Will Shape Your Business

Gain access to Welltodo’s unique perspective on the 8 key consumer trends that will impact the trajectory of the global wellness industry over the next twelve months and beyond.

Key Insights Impacting the Future Of Wellness

We'll explore trends, innovation and industry developments that will impact the direction of your brand not just right now, but also into the future.

Global Developments That Affect You Right Now

As well as spotlighting the consumer trends impacting the business of wellness this year; we've explained how and why this impacts you on both a local and global scale.

Discover more about the current impact and future of these trends:

Sexual Wellness

Having emerged alongside a generation that’s driving a monumental shift in feminist discourse, wellness –– a movement spearheaded and largely dominated by women –– has been leading the charge in redefining the way we engage with our sexual health. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Cognitive Optimisation

Symptomatic of a growing pressure for individuals to become the best versions of themselves, the desire for solutions that will boost brain health and increase productivity is intensifying and brands are responding. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Healthy Convenience

Shopping habits across the globe have been steadily changing. The new conscious and time-poor consumer is looking for ways to minimise risk, reduce their footprint (and food waste) – demanding greater convenience and broader access to healthier options. Discover more about how this impacts your business.


In an era where almost everyone is seeking to amplify their wellness, for the vast majority the industry at large hasn’t done a very good job of making them feel like they’re part of the movement, or even welcome. That's changing rapidly. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Mental Health

1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives, and with around 450 million people currently suffering from such conditions, wellness is stepping up to the plate with innovative solutions and support structures. Discover more about how this impacts your business.


Mysticism and the more spiritual side of wellness is seeing a resurgence. As the almost $200bn complementary/alternative medicine market grows, it is infiltrating the wellness industry on a mainstream scale - and more businesses are exploring ways to integrate this into their offering. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

The Boutique Model

The exponential adoption of the boutique model by millennials has changed the fitness market forever, and now forward-thinking operators from outside the fitness arena are leveraging its commercial value to create the same success for themselves. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Holistic Health

Health and wellness, whilst once considered separate, are finding more avenues to interlink and cross pollinate. The quantified-self movement, which explores this intersection, is one of the key areas that’s proven the insatiable desire of consumers to be in the driver’s seat. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

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