The Welltodo Founder Series Presents: LEON, Cauli Rice & Harry Jameson


LONDON, United Kingdom — Join our special guest speakers John Vincent, Co-Founder of LEON; Gem Misa, Founder of Cauli Rice; and Harry Jameson, Fitness expert and Founder of the Jameson Retreat; for the latest instalment of the acclaimed Welltodo Founder Series on Tuesday, 24th October.

Exploring the various facets of launching and scaling a business in the fast-growing wellness sector in the UK and internationally; industry expert and Founder of Welltodo, Lauren Armes, will host a panel discussion, touching on a range of topics including trends and drivers, growth strategies, overcoming challenges, and how Vincent, Misa and Jameson see the industry changing and evolving.


When Is It?

Taking place in London on Tuesday 24th October, this thought-provoking event for innovative brands, startups, influencers and investors in the wellness industry, will be presented in partnership with international law firm Bird & Bird LLP.

Who Are The Panelists?

With invaluable insights into how to build a profitable and innovative business, the panelists will reveal how they got started, what it took to build their brands, and how they have scaled in local and international markets.

The Welltodo Founder Series Presents: LEON, Cauli Rice & Harry Jameson

Image: LEON

We’ll be joined by John Vincent, Co-Founder of international success LEON, a disruptive healthy food chain, championing food that not only tastes good but does you good.

With a goal to make it easy for people to eat well on the high street, the brand, which has over 50 outlets across the UK, plans to launch in the US later this year, after receiving £25m in funding from Swiss private equity firm Spice.

While Vincent, who has put well-being at the heart of the LEON culture through a number of innovative initiatives, continues to add to his publishing repertoire. Currently co-writing a new book “Winning not fighting” with his Wing Tsun teacher Julian Hitch, the title will focus on applying the principles of this ancient martial in life and business.

Having hit £36.9m in revenue in 2015, LEON shows little sign of slowing down, and the brand’s goal of operating 500 sites by the end of 2026 is moving closer than ever.

The Welltodo Founder Series Presents: LEON, Cauli Rice & Harry Jameson

Image: Cauli Rice

Joining Vincent on the panel will be Gem Misa, Founder of Cauli Rice. Crowned one of the UK’s Food Pioneers, backed by over £3m in crowdfunding and on the shelves of over 3,000 UK and 500 US supermarkets, the pioneering, healthy startup is the fastest growing brand in the rice category, outpacing industry giants Uncle Ben’s & Tilda.

Founded in 2014, Cauli Rice, was the second venture for the former Global Brand Manager at Unilever and her husband Jamie Harris. Both passionate about healthy eating, after making the popular rice alternative at home, the duo realised there was a huge opportunity for a long life, ready-to-heat version to make a real impact on the food industry.

Recognised by Virgin mogul Richard Branson as one of Britain’s hottest food businesses at the 2015 Foodpreneur Fest, today the innovative brand is targeting sales of £2.2 million for 2017 and is set to launch in 2 major US retailers later this year. Read more here.

Completing the incredible lineup, award-winning fitness consultant Harry Jameson boasts over a decade’s experience in the health and fitness industry.

As founder of the Jameson Retreat, a bespoke eight-week experience that builds on his personalised training and nutrition programme, he works with individuals and families to help them make small steps to big lifestyle changes.

The Welltodo Founder Series Presents: LEON, Cauli Rice & Harry Jameson

Image: Harry Jameson

Having created a name for himself as one of London’s go-to specialists in the wellness industry, when Jameson’s not transforming the lives of individuals through his unique style of training, he can be found collaborating with internationally recognised brands such as Quintessentially, One & Only Resorts and AirBnB, to create and implement successful wellness concepts.

Most recently, the entrepreneur provided 360-degree consultation to Ministry Of Sound, to help the iconic brand launch its revolutionary fitness studio –– Ministry Does Fitness.

From partnering with top health specialists, such as Harley Street’s Viavi to penning a monthly column for Esquire magazine, Jameson’s business mindset has taken him in many directions, but his original mission remains the same; to leave people feeling well nourished, fit and content.


What Are The Networking Opportunities?

Following the 1-hour deep dive discussion with Vincent, Misa and Jameson, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a 20 minute Q&A session, before mingling with other forward-thinking movers and shakers from the wellness industry.

Sparking a dynamic and unique conversation with successful wellness founders, the Welltodo Founder Series has proven to be an invaluable tool for wellness businesses, no matter their stage of the journey.

Providing industry insights, growth strategies, and practical advice drawn from the challenges faced along the entrepreneurial journey, this latest instalment will be no different.

Where Can You Get A Ticket?

For your chance to meet and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and discover what is driving the wellness industry forward, grab your ticket here.



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