Welltodo Today: 2017 Beverage Predictions, Ninja Training Trend, Employee Sleep Tracking


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How SoulCycle Creates A Meaningful Experience Based On Customer Feedback And Input

SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan shares why customer input is so important to decision-making.

Thrive Market Proves That You Don’t Know Foodies

There are a handful of assumptions that accompany the word “foodie;” one likely thinks of an urbanite hipster with an appreciation for sarcasm, flannel, kombucha, and Bernie Sanders. Many have a good time making fun of this “foodie” archetype, yet a rising interest in things like organic foods, paraben-free skincare items, and all the ways to use coconut oil are not for this cohort alone.

Workplaces Are Tracking Their Employees’ Sleep

Dan Roberts has been tired for what feels like his whole life. Between depression and anxiety, a packed work schedule, irregular eating habits, and a mind that’s prone to racing when it should be drifting off, the 36-year-old is lucky to get more than four hours of shut-eye virtually every weeknight.

How Kate Hudson Started Fabletics

It takes a certain kind of person to create a successful brand. Sure, they’ve got to have a badass work ethic, the will to overcome serious roadblocks, and, well, enough money in the bank. But there’s way more to it – as Kate Hudson knows.

Industry Voices: Predictions for 2017 – BevNET.com

What will 2017 hold for trends, innovation and emerging categories in the non-alcoholic beverage industry? We asked 10 veteran beverage executives and observers for their takes on what’s to come.

The Gyms That Will Help You Become an American Ninja Warrior | Fortune.com

How some athletes are living out their TV fantasies.


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