Welltodo Today: 2021’s Wellness Changemakers, Sweetgreen’s Healthy Plans, On-Skin Electronics


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Move Over Fitness Trackers, Here Come On-Skin Electronics That Look Like Stickers

In 1982, the Finnish wearable tech company Polar married an EXG and a radio chest strap to create the first serious biometric sports watch, the Polar Sports Tester PE2000. According to a 2020 Pew Research Center survey, 21 percent of American adults wear a fitness tracker – that is, one in five adults.

How data and the pandemic have democratized the “high-performance lifestyle”

A new fitness and wellness vertical has emerged amid the pandemic. Dubbed the “high-performance lifestyle” (HPL), it combines physical health, mental health and technology. Why it matters: HPL aims to track and optimize human performance. Athletes have been doing this for decades; now, thanks to data democratization, anyone can.

Meet Well+Good’s 2021 Changemakers | Well+Good

Awareness of our health and well-being kicked into overdrive last year and shows no sign of slowing. In 2021, these wellness innovators will change the way we all (not just a select few) eat, move, t

How Mental Health Startup The Phoenix Project Is Making Mental Health Care More Accessible To All

Mental health has long had negative connotations in society. Struggling with it has a stigma attached: if one’s mental health is suboptimal, it must mean they’re “crazy” or a bad person. Worse still is the need or desire for medication-like an anti-depressant to help improve one’s mental wellness-must mean a person must be certifiably crazy to need any pejoratively-named “happy pills.”

How the wellness and influencer crowd serve conspiracies to the masses

n August last year, Matt Lawson, a Melbourne-based conspiracy theorist and anti-5G activist linked to the group that helped organise the city’s anti-lockdown protests last year, held one of his regular YouTube gabfests. The guests were mostly the usual crowd.

How Sweetgreen plans to cut its carbon footprint in half in the next 6 years

With a menu focused on plants, the salad chain Sweetgreen automatically has a lower carbon footprint than a typical fast-food chain serving millions of burgers. But the company now plans to go a step further, setting the goal of cutting its carbon footprint in half in the next six years.


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