Welltodo Today: 3D-Printed Vitamins, Plant-Based Bacon, The Gym Of 2030


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

3D-Printed Vitamins: The Future of Customisable Nutrition? | Stylus

As explored in Food on Prescription, part of our Spotlight Trend The Healthcare Opportunity, consumers are turning to personalised diet plans and supplements to supercharge their wellbeing. UK vitamin company Nourished is betting that 3D printing can make customisable multivitamins an appealing and lucrative mass-market reality.

The Wyze Band is part fitness tracker, part Alexa smart home controller

Smart home gadget maker Wyze is planning new devices for 2020, including the Wyze Band with built-in Alexa capabilities, a step counter, sleep tracker, and heart rate sensor. Wyze is also working on an outdoor camera, a doorbell cam, a lock, and a scale.

How Nerio Alessandri started Technogym, worth $2.4 billion, in his garage in Italy

You may never have heard of Nerio Alessandri, but you may well have used the gym equipment he designed. Alessandri is the founder of Technogym, one of the most popular gym equipment brands in the world, with 50 million users globally across 100 countries.

What Working Out Will Look Like In 2030

So what will your workouts look like in 10 years’ time? To help you stay ahead of the curve, we asked our hive mind of industry insiders for its prediction on what the future of training holds. It’s gym life – but not as we know it.

The luxury hotel group Six Senses is to open in London

The luxury hotel brand has announced that it will open a new London establishment in what was once the premises of Whiteleys, the British capital’s first department store. A bastion of luxury hotels, which is home to such names as the Shangri-La, the Savoy, the Intercontinental and the Dorchester

Bacon Without The Oink Is The Next Plant-Based Frontier

With plant-based alternatives enjoying unprecedented popularity, there have never been more options for those wanting to cut down on their meat intake. Plant-based start-up Beyond Meat is a major reason for this trend; the company has been pushing a variety of meatless options and is getting increasingly creative about where and how their products are offered.


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