Welltodo Today: 7-Eleven Taps Into Wellness, What’s Next For Athleisure? Wellness Water


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The 7-Eleven of the Future Is an Organic Hellscape of Turmeric Slurpees

A trip to 7-Eleven, the country’s most recognizable convenience store, is not an experience that most would describe as aspirational. Influencers don’t flock there in search of the perfect selfie moment; no chic, strikingly lit Instagrams of perfectly arranged spreads of hot dogs and Slurpees populate social media.

When did vitamins get so cool?

Persona co-founder and CEO Jason Brown is bitter about vitamin startups. Companies like Care/of and Ritual aren’t original. Personalization, Instagram, young people – none of it is original. “We’re not marketing coolness,” he says. “We don’t try to hawk pills on Instagram on a daily basis, we try to engage our customers.”

Wearable tech takes off in China

With improved battery life and increasingly rich capabilities, the smart wearables sector, which has experienced some growing pains, is now finding new momentum in China, the world’s largest wearables market. From smart bands and fitness trackers that can count steps, to watches that can access smartphone apps and even make calls, shoppers are increasingly willing to buy these gadgets to make life more convenient.

Why Lululemon’s Digital Business Is So Profitable — The Motley Fool

( Lululemon Athletica NASDAQ:LULU) has been on fire lately, and one area of the company that investors are most impressed with is the performance of the direct-to-consumer channel (which includes online sales). Lululemon’s digital business grew 49% last year, and management believes they are at the beginning of a long runway of digital growth.

‘Wellness water’ is very popular – but is it better than what comes out of the tap?

Bottled water brands have long touted added ingredients in the name of health. It’s debatable whether they’re worth the extra cost

Koral Founder Ilana Kugel On Activewear Innovation And What’s Next For Athleisure

Tell us about your line and the decision to launch streetwear using traditionally activewear fabrications? The brand has always had the streetwear characteristics. Since the beginning, I wanted to be a lifestyle brand. For the first four years we built a really strong technical, performance-driven athleisure brand, with an emphasis on quality and versatility.


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