Welltodo Today: Lululemon’s Sales Soar, Fitness Influencers Turn To TikTok, Dopamine Fasting


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Lululemon Capitalises on Activewear Boost as Shares Jump

Lululemon store interior | Source: Shutterstock By Bloomberg May 22, 2020 13:37 VANCOUVER, Canada – Lululemon Athletica Inc. notched an all-time high Thursday after shares climbed 92 percent from a low in March as Wall Street bet that those working from home would purchase more athleisure wear.

Will there still be massage treatments? What the future of luxury spas looks like

Meanwhile, SHA Wellness in Alicante, a global leader in integrated medical and preventative health, has just announced it will be reinforcing its treatments for the development of the immune system (which already includes immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, serum therapy, Vitamin C megadoses and stress management treatments) and require all guests to test for Covid-19 just before coming and have an anti-body test on arrival.

Activewear is Booming, But Only a Few Labels Are Making it Consciously

New Yorkers are coming up on month three of remote work. While other parts of the country are slowly reopening for business, we probably won’t go to a dinner party, a concert, or a restaurant until the end of summer (if not later).

PepsiCo Bets on Direct-to-Consumer Snack Sales | Stylus

As we explain in Snacking Trends 2020, consumers are clamouring for familiar, nostalgia-tinged snacks to feed them during lockdowns. PepsiCo is leveraging this resurgence with the launch of two new direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms – a clever move as online grocery sales surge.

These ‘FitTok’ Influencers Want Way More Than 15 Seconds of Fame

IN LESS THAN A MINUTE, you can accomplish a lot more than you’d think. If you’re fit and (perhaps more importantly) imaginative, you could knock out a number of pushups that matches your age, your movements in lockstep with the beat of a trendy pop song playing in the background.

I tried dopamine fasting, Silicon Valley’s latest obsession

When it comes to wellness, we really are quite awful snobs. If the Goop lab gets all excited about, say, energy healing or vaginal maintenance, we feel free to cynically smirk at all that new-age pseudoscience.

Startup Year One: Goodboy’s data-driven approach to pet healthc care

Goodboy’s algorithm is designed to help pet owners quickly identify health issues and goals, while providing their pets with high quality supplements that specifically target each dog’s needs.

When will gyms reopen in the UK?

The latest lifestyle, fashion and travel trends Since coronavirus lockdown began many types of businesses have had to close temporarily to help slow the spread of the virus. Restaurants, pubs, hairdressers and shops other than food stores and pharmacies have all had to close their doors.


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