Welltodo Today: Pret To Expand Veggie Stores, Lululemon Promises Spiritual Enrichment, Performance Wellness


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Lululemon Customers Want Spiritual Enrichment — And To Look Good

Calvin McDonald, Lululemon’s CEO since last August, views the yoga-themed retailer more as an experiential brand than a lifestyle one. But the experiences he plans to deliver will increasingly be as much spiritual as physical. As part of the effort, the retailer is designing more larger stores that carve out spaces for experiential events, Lululemon said at its Analyst Day last month.

A massive CBD emporium just opened in NYC-and it may be the future of wellness

Online CBD retailer Standard Dose has opened a one-of-kind self-care hub in the heart of New York City. The three-story cannabis compound doubles as a wellness center designed to offer the super-stressed a time-out. Its 2,400-square-foot space boasts a multi-brand selection of ingestible and topical CBD products to aid in everything from sleep and pain to mood and skin.

The Wellness Industry Needs to Be Reclaimed From Celebrities

In the past month alone, we’ve been worrying whether the ketogenic diet can lead to unsavory body odor, digesting the idea burned toast can give us cancer and staying up all night wondering if moon milk can really help us sleep better.

Performance wellness – JWT Intelligence

Not so long ago, the labels on sports nutrition products read like a chemistry textbook. Now a new breed of wellness enthusiast is dumping the neon colours and artificial additives, in favour of products derived from natural ingredients. Riding a wave of interest in veganism, US-based Plantable (previously named Euphebe) offers plant-powered meals delivered to …

Leon posts healthy sales but still makes a loss

“Healthy” fast-food chain Leon is celebrating record sales, despite posting a third consecutive annual loss as it expands, writes Liam Kelly.Leon, known for its vegan burgers and gluten-free chicken nuggets, made sales of £65.2m last year, up 15% from 2017. However, pre-tax losses remained flat at £

There Will Soon Be Almost 500 Pret a Manger Shops in the U.K.

U.K. high street chain Pret a Manger will buy one of its main lunchtime competitors EAT, and has laid out plans to convert as many of EAT’s shops into Veggie Prets, the brand’s vegetarian spin-off. This is apparently in response to “growing consumer demand for more vegetarian and vegan options on the high street.”

Adidas Exec Discusses Sustainability, Circularity and Working With the Competition

Producing nearly 900 million products a year, Adidas is understandably exploring new ways to minimize waste and recycle products. At the Design Talks NYC + Impact Summit earlier this week, James Carnes, vice president of global brand strategy for Adidas, spoke at length about Futurecraft.Loop, the brand’s first 100 percent recyclable performance running shoe, as a sign of things to come.


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