Welltodo Today: The future Of Working Out, Hydration With A Dash Of Wellness, The Rise & Rise Of Plant-Based Eating


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Gyms aren’t coming back. Here’s how you’ll work out in the future

In March, when my Orangetheory Fitness studio shuttered, I went into a funk, swapping out my afternoon workout for wine and cheese hour. It was fun at first, but I quickly realized I was spiraling into unhealthy habits. I explored other ways to get in shape-from getting 10,000 steps in with my Fitbit to testing some home gym equipment.

Lumen Partners With Anytime Fitness UK to Provide Gym Members With Opportunity to Track Their Metabolism and Nutrition From Home

Lumen, a health technology company at the forefront of metabolic tracking and the creators of the world’s first metabolism measurement device, is officially announcing a partnership with Anytime Fitness UK, the UK’s leading fitness franchise. This press release features multimedia.

Paring Back Your Beauty Routine? Try Water, With a Boost

Hydration is trending. It’s the latest lucrative frontier of the wellness boom. Every morning around 7 a.m., as she prepares to film a live workout for her 237,000 Instagram followers from her New York City apartment, Megan Roup sips on warm water with a squeeze of lemon while her French press coffee brews.

The Rise In Immunity Boosting Wellness Retreats For 2021

Among the key wellness trends highlighted for 2021 is the rise in demand for immunity boosting retreats. While immunity-focused programs may not be new, the global health crisis has elevated the importance many people place on their day-to-day wellness and the strength of their immune system.

SoulCycle’s exclusivity was its secret weapon – and its downfall

Not long ago, getting into a SoulCycle class didn’t just mean a 45-minute workout; it meant status. No boutique fitness class was as exclusive, and no clientele as glamorous or devoted, showing up multiple times a week to ride a bike in the dark. In Los Angeles, Beyoncé rode with Angela.

Even More Americans Ate Plant-Based Meats In 2020, And Animal Advocates Are Celebrating

Animals are probably celebrating too. Have you ever seen a cow smile? New numbers from the animal welfare organization World Animal Protection estimate that nearly 1 million animals were saved from being turned into hamburgers and other meat for human consumption in 2020.


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