Welltodo Today: A $30bn Recovery Fund For US fitness? The Latest Wellness Travel Trend, Sound Wellness


The game-changing investment, acquisition and funding news impacting the industry and driving the business of wellness this week.

Ro makes the weight loss product Plenity commercially available to everyone in the US

In what could be the first step in the development of a significant new line of business for the telemedicine prescription provider Ro, the company is finally announcing the general commercial availability of weight loss product, Plenity. Developed by Gelesis, a biotech company that makes treatment…

In the COVID Reality We’re Living in, Fitness Studio Owners Are Sweating Economics More Than Anyone Around

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be an endurance race for businesses large and small, but if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve likely noticed that the fittest of them all haven’t fared so well: Gold’s Gym, 24-Hour Fitness, Town Sports International (the owner of New York Sports Club and other country-wide chains), and Flywheel Sports have all filed for bankruptcy over the span of the past six months.

Could Agri-Tech Solve Global Food Supply Chain Problems? | Stylus

Whether tackling empty supermarket shelves or offsetting carbon emissions (see The Brief), investors are looking to agri-tech for future-facing solutions to make food supply chains more sustainable. After achieving an influx of capital this September, we expect this sector to expand rapidly in the coming decade – especially as the pandemic has made food insecurity a tangible concern for many consumers.

A new wellness trend lets vacationers do the unthinkable – keep working

What do you get when you mix a wellness holiday with a “workcation”? Answer: The “wellness sabbatical,” an emerging trend that allocates time for sunrise yoga classes, meditation sessions and spa treatments – alongside work emails and Zoom calls. A small but growing number of resorts are tapping into a market of wellness-minded workers who have difficulty going completely off-grid.

How This New Natural Remedy Startup Is Using Clinical Studies To Raise The Bar For The Wellness Industry

The idea for Hilma, a new natural remedy startup, was sparked over a packet of Emergen-C. The three founders, Nina Mullen, Hilary Quartner and Lily Galef, took a look at the label and were shocked to find over six grams of sugar, along with other ingredients they didn’t recognize, like artificial dyes and fillers.

Sound Wellness Is Communal, Emotional, and Not Unlike Coachella

As a wellness writer, I’m not proud to admit this, but if I’m invited anywhere between the hours of five and seven, I expect music and cocktails. Or at least, I used to. Several months ago, in what now seems like some strange parallel universe, my friend Caroline asked me to meet her at a converted Victorian-era piano factory in the Camden area of London.

$30bn recovery fund proposed for US fitness sector

The battle to save the hard-hit US health and fitness industry continue, with US congressmen Mike Quigley and Brian Fitzpatrick, introducing a new Health and Fitness Recovery Act of 2020 to help the fitness industry in the US shield itself from the ‘devastating effects’ of the pandemic.

Heura’s plant-based ‘chicken’ hits UK shops

Heura, a vegan-friendly alternative to chicken that’s been cooked up by a Barcelona-based startup, has launched its first products in the U.K. It’s working with local distributors The Vegan Kind and Planet Organic to sell three of its most popular products in the market: 100% vegetable …


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