Welltodo Today: Amazon To Sell Activewear? Peloton’s New Strategy, Korean Spas


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Peloton Wants You To Keep Spinning Your Wheels When You Travel

Peloton, the high-tech fitness startup whose interactive exercise bikes let people pedal along at home to live-streamed workout routines, is expanding into the out-of-home market for the first time. The company today is announcing a new industrial-grade cycle intended for public places like hotel gyms, college campuses, military bases, or anywhere people work out.

The ‘Target of gyms’ is expanding rapidly

Getting in better physical shape is the most popular New Year’s resolution among American adults, which means that the first week of January is one of the biggest weeks of the year for foot traffic at gyms. Greatist.com called it the “anti-amenity gym.”

A Korean Spa Offers Saunas, Bibimbap and a Taste of Home in New Jersey

“This is a 500-year tradition for Korean people,” said Grace Park, King Spa’s marketing manager. “It’s for health, energy, healing therapy, all the things that make life strong.” Many visitors come from Koreatown in Manhattan or Flushing in Queens, traveling on free shuttles provided by the spa.

The Fitness Classes Too Tough for Most Mortals

Katie Tuttle is already panting and muttering “Oh my God” when the toughest part of an advanced class at New York fitness studio The Fhitting Room begins. As AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” blares, Ms. Tuttle goes all-out for a 4½-minute sequence: pedaling a high-resistance stationary bike, jumping on a rowing machine, then dropping to the floor 20 times in a squat/push-up move called a burpee.

How Vitamin Startup Care/of Is Bringing Wellness To Your Doorstep

Despite the growing popularity of preventive medicine and wellness, purchasing vitamins can still be a confusing or even what Consumer Reports has called a ‘ mind-bending’ experience . It is not always clear which vitamins or supplements are right for you, or which brands you can trust.

Get That Life: How I Became the CEO of SoulCycle

From Cosmopolitan Melanie Whelan, 39, was drawn to the hospitality industry at an early age, playing hotel with her sister and checking her into a pretend front desk as if she were a guest. Melanie is now the CEO of SoulCycle, the indoor cycling studio credited with creating an entire boutique fitness industry.

Here’s Where You’ll Find Wi-Fi, #Fitspo, and Friends in 2017

As a busy director of business development in New York City, Lauren Kassan often felt like an urban nomad, trekking up and down the city for meetings and events. “I was zigzagging between a million commitments and using spaces like the bathroom at Starbucks as the place to change and charge a dying phone,” she says.

Amazon plans to sell its own line of workout clothes

The online retailer is going to be competing with Nike and Under Armour in the activewear market.


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