Welltodo Today: Apple Watch Hits The Gym, Floating Gyms, 23andMe In Trouble?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The Apple Watch hits the gym with Connected program

Wrist-worn fitness trackers tend to do a fine job when exercising outdoors. For those glued to gym equipment, however, things get trickier. GPS can’t really do its job detecting distances, and machines like the elliptic tend to be even trickier. Recent generations of the Apple Watch and WatchOS hav…

Hims & Hers is bringing its health products to all 50 states

Hims & Hers-the telehealth startup that prescribes and sells antidepressants, hair-growth formulas, anti-aging retinoids, birth control, sex drive boosters, and supplements-is launching in all 50 states and will now be able to conduct physician consultations in real time. Over the past two years, the two brands-Hims launched in 2017 and added the Hers site in October 2018-have hosted one million medical visits.

First ‘floating fitness studio’ set to launch at Maldives resort

Luxury resort Coco Bodu Hithi has revealed plans to launch the first “floating yoga studio” in the Maldives. The resort is working with Beijing-based AquaX Academy – founded by lululemon China Ambassador Queenie Xiao – on the project, which looks to utilise the increasing popularity of floating yoga.

23andMe lays off 100, with CEO “surprised” at market turn

Consumer genetic testing company 23andMe is laying off 100 people (or 14% of its staff) due to declining sales, reports CNBC. Launched in 2006, 23andMe’s reputation was initially viewed as a fun tool for learning fun facts about your genetic makeup.

Nestlé teams up with Burcon and Merit for plant-based proteins – FoodBev Media

Nestlé has entered into a joint collaboration with Merit Functional Foods and its technology partner Burcon NutraScience to utilise their plant-based proteins. The partnership will enable Nestlé to develop and commercialise Merit and Burcon’s plant-based proteins for use in its food and beverage applications including meat and dairy alternatives.

MindBody CEO talks how the wellness industry can utilize tech

MindBody has cornered the boutique fitness market by providing cloud based software across health and beauty brands. They released their 2020 Wellness index which includes upcoming industry trends and what the healthiest city in the U.S. is. MindBody founder and CEO Rick Stollmeyer joined The Final Round to discuss.

What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About The Sexual Wellness Sector in 2020

The next five years look set to be a crucial time for sexual wellness. With the sector is widely predicted to be worth $122 billion by 202, and a 13 percent CAGR, investors agree there are huge business opportunities to be found in sex tech and sexual wellness.


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