Welltodo Today: Audio Erotica, Apple’s New Sleep Tracking Features, Clean Beauty Summer School


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Is Audio Erotica The Next Big Wellness Trend?

“I’m thinking about where in the world we are. Where I’d like to be alone with you. I’m imagining you and me, lying on a beach.” And so, with my phone resting on my chest, I close my eyes and picture the sun, sea and s…

Sign Up to Fuel, Our New Food Delivery Service

From Men’s Health What you put in your engine accelerates your success. To help, we’ve teamed up with MunchFit – food providers to Barry’s Bootcamp and Equinox – to create a new meal delivery service, launching July 1st. Fuel ( menshealthfuel.com) will speed your progress towards any goal.

How Hannah Bronfman’s Lifelong Love Of Baths Inspired A New CBD Product From Highline Wellness

The bath has always been a special place for Hannah Bronfman, but during the Covid-19 pandemic and anti-racism awakening, they’ve proven more important than ever. Now, her lifelong love of baths is also the inspiration behind her first-ever self-care product: a CBD bath bomb from Highline Wellness.

‘Yoga is very much whitewashed. We need to make sure we make it as diverse as possible’

Covid-19 will have changed the fitness industry because a lot of fitness professionals will choose to stay online. There’s a lot of people who are doing well from their online sessions. They have been able to keep their pockets full without seeing the pinch of Covid.

Dash Water Takes Aims at U.S. Premium Sparkling Segment Via Iris Nova – BevNET.com

UK-based Dash Water is crossing the pond to enter the U.S. market through a partnership with digital beverage house Iris Nova. Founded in 2017, the brand is positioned as a premium sparkling water that infuses its flavors using real fruit rather than extracts.

Apple Watch’s New Sleep Tracking Wants You to Simplify the Definition of a Good Night’s Rest

Apple Watch’s iconic red, green, and blue rings detect how much you move, exercise, and stand in the 12- to 16-hour stretch you spend awake each day. Last week, the tech company announced that WatchOS 7 will go after a new goal for the everyday wearer: sleep.

Clean beauty founders launch mentorship program for Black-owned brands – Glossy

As the beauty industry confronts its complicity in inequality and racism, multiple mentorship programs have sprung up to create impactful change. The latest, called Clean Beauty Summer School, is designed for clean Black-owned beauty brands as Black women have been historically underserved by the clean category.


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