Welltodo Today: Bikram Loses Court Battle, Nike Shares Soar, Fitbit Targets Corporates


Key global wellness news articles from around the world impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Hot Yoga founder loses legal fight to copyright poses (Full Article: Aljazeera)

“A California appeals court has ruled against the infamous multi-millionaire yogi and founder of ‘hot’ yoga, Bikram Choudhury, ending his decade-long legal battle to copyright his sequence of yoga poses in a heated room. Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw described Bikram’s sequence of 26 poses and two breathing exercises as an idea, process or system designed to improve health and to “yield physical benefits and a sense of wellbeing. Copyright protects only the expression of this idea – the words and pictures used to describe the sequence – and not the idea of the sequence itself.””

Nike headed to $200? Shares soar to all-time high (Full Article: CNBC)

Nike shares soared to an all-time high Monday, after a report from Evercore ISI called the athletic wear company “the next mega-cap juggernaut” among the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon.”

Fitbit beats back competition with wellness program (Full Article: Fortune)

“The latest round of companies to sign on with Fitbit include GoDaddy, Emory University, Emory Healthcare, and Gonzaga University. In its third quarter, Fitbit added over 20 enterprise customers to its program. Although the company doesn’t release the total number of companies participating in its wellness program, it states that it’s worked with thousands of companies since 2009 and currently has “more than” 50 of the Fortune 500.”

Be bold on sugar, Jamie Oliver says (Full Article: BBC)

“TV chef Jamie Oliver has urged ministers to be “big and bold” by introducing a sugar tax on fizzy drinks. Mr Oliver has been campaigning for the levy to be included in the forthcoming child obesity strategy. He told MPs on the House of Commons’ Health Committee a tax would be the “single most important” change that could be made. He said it would be “deeply symbolic” as well as raising money.”

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