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Welltodo Today: Calm’s Meteoric Rise, Peloton’s New Pricing Tiers, Sweetgreen Bets Big On Naomi Osaka

Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The App That Monetized Doing Nothing

A cathedral-like mountain towers above me; a lake laps at my feet; sunshine distilled through pine needles warms my skin. Close your eyes, a voice intones. Let your shoulders fall naturally and keep your chest open. Take a few full, deep breaths to settle into this moment, inhaling deeply and slowly releasing your breath, allowing any tension you may be holding to soften.

Athleisure boom continues with healthy Lululemon earnings

The pressure to wear real pants has never been greater. But judging by Lululemon’s earnings yesterday, leggings could be the new business casual. Lululemon reported that Q1 revenue surged 88% to $1.2 billion, from $652 million a year earlier, beating analyst estimates. Net income grew to $145 million, from $28.6 million the previous year.

Sweetgreen Bet Big on Naomi Osaka. Then It Doubled Down.

Hours after Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open on Monday, the three founders of Sweetgreen Inc. gathered on a phone call. The salad company had embarked just weeks earlier on a marketing blitz created by its in-house ad agency that featured Ms. Osaka’s endorsement of its food as a form of self-care in social media posts, posters in New York and a billboard in Los Angeles.

Where’s the “Impossible Burger” of cheese?

Two years ago, Beyond Meat became the first plant-based food startup to go public.Its shares surged 163 percent on its first day and today it’s valued at $9 billion, with shares now worth about five times their original value.

Clever cars will soon be able to check we’re well enough to drive

Our cars will soon recognise and prevent motion sickness. They’ll anticipate when you’re about to have a heart attack and pull safely to the side of the road, and they’ll even refuse to start if you’ve had one too many drinks at the pub.

Venture Capital’s New Favorite Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic brought digital health and wellness into the mainstream – and it’s made the retail health and wellness tech industry an increasingly attractive target for venture capitalists. Digitized health and wellness investment activity hit a peak in 2020, generating $7.3 billion in venture capital deal value across 449 deals, according to PitchBook.

Peloton’s app is getting cheaper for millions of people

Peloton is introducing pricing tiers for its app – and students, health care workers and military members will receive major discounts.

What China’s woke Gen Z really want from luxury brands

Well-educated consumers, with more choice than ever before, are looking for discretion, mindfulness and sustainability from the luxury sector