Welltodo Today: Clean Raving, Movement vs Medicine, Apple’s Secret Gym


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Clean raving: how club culture went wild for wellness

The stench of dead flesh and discarded bones wafts through a chattering crowd dressed in sequins, wacky wigs and neon Lycra. It’s 7am, and hundreds of ticket holders are waiting near Brixton’s meat market to enter a “rooftop beach” venue in south London.

Nike’s Co-founder on Innovation, Culture, and Succession

Phil Knight, former chair and CEO of Nike, tells the story of starting the sports apparel and equipment giant after taking an entrepreneurship class at Stanford and teaming up with his former track coach, Bill Bowerman. Together (and with the help of a waffle iron) they changed how running shoes are designed and made.

Staying Fit While You Travel has Just become Completely Excuse Proof

Years ago I used to think I was an outlier. I’d stay at a hotel and be the only one grunting and sweating in their gym. Back in those dark ages, a hotel might throw a few pieces of dilapidated equipment and rusty weights into a dank, basement room and pass it off as a gym.

The super-easy thing you can do to boost your mood at the office

When you spend 40 (or more, let’s be honest) hours every week working with lots of different people-and their various personalities-it’s not surprising that things can get, well, difficult at times.

Fitness: Bodyism: movement as medicine

“Truly listening and transforming lives – that’s our ‘why’, that’s our purpose,” sayd Duigan Among others, Bodyism has partnerships with Fairmont in Dubai, the Capri Palace in Italy and Amilla Fushi in the Maldives Ten years ago, Australian-born personal trainer James Duigan founded Bodyism – billed today as a global wellness and lifestyle company – with a mission to spread his catchy ‘Clean and Lean’ philosophy to as many people as he could.

Soylent | BevNET.com Product Reviews

What’s also interesting about this product is that it’s somewhat against the grain of what you see in other beverages. The product uses artificial flavors and sweeteners and has a callout for “produced with genetic engineering.”

Apple divulges how its secret AI gym is helping it track swimming on the Apple Watch

For several years now, Apple has operated a hush-hush fitness lab in an undisclosed location at its campus in Cupertino, California, and this week the company offered up a few details about how it’s studying all kinds of activities-on dry land and in water-in order to build algorithms for tracking them on the Apple Watch.


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