Welltodo Today: Could Gyms Close Again? Next Generation Protein, Facebook Adding A Fitness Tracker To Its Portfolio


The game-changing investment, acquisition and funding news impacting the industry and driving the business of wellness this week.

Could gyms close again? These are the current Covid-19 guidelines

Gyms are currently open – these are the new rules and what to expect if coronavirus cases continue rising Gyms have been allowed to reopen since July 25, but there are many questions to be answered as to how they will maintain new social distancing rules.

These Brands Are Taking Functional Mushroom Drinks From Fringe to Mainstream

If you’re super deep in the wellness scene, chances are you’ve heard of functional mushrooms and maybe even dabbled in them yourself. Unlike what you’d throw in your salad-like oyster, crimini and white button-this subset of ‘shrooms has special healing properties. Yet unlike psilocybin mushrooms, they aren’t psychedelic.

Asda To Launch Ambient Vegan Food Aisle In U.K Supermarket First

Asda is launching an ambient vegan food aisle in 359 of its stores – describing itself as the first U.K supermarket to do so, according to leading food outlet The Grocer . The retail giant will also be launching more than 100 new vegan ambient foods – shelf-stable products that do not require refrigeration – in these stores.

The biggest challenge of working out online is finding community

Every Tuesday morning for 45 minutes, I work out with my favorite Barry’s (formerly known as Barry’s Bootcamp) trainer, Mike Pugs. He puts on a playlist and makes me deadlift, squat, and lunge till my knees shake, alongside about 20 other people.

Next generation protein: Introducing Optipep 4Power – FoodBev Media

Optipep 4Power is a breakthrough hydrolysed whey protein (HWP) developed by Carbery for athletes looking to generate and sustain greater power output in high-intensity activities. The company completed a clinical study on Optipep 4Power, in conjunction with the University of Limerick, focusing on the role of whey protein pre-exercise in improving metabolic adaptation and performance for the growing number of athletes undertaking HIIT (high-intensity interval training) type workouts.

Taking the stigma out of chronic skin conditions

Entrepreneurs Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng are promoting skin positivity with their Topicals brand of skincare products.

Facebook wants to turn the Quest into a fitness device

Facebook is adding a fitness tracker, Oculus Move, to its sweet suite of software for its latest version of the Quest. Announced today as part of the Facebook Connect event outlining the company’s augmented reality and virtual reality plans for the future, the Move fitness tracker is an attem…

Menopause Wearable Signals Demand for Femtech Innovations | Stylus

London-based femtech start-up Astinno recently received funding to develop its wearable device, Grace, which alleviates the perimenopausal symptom known as hot flushes. We look at the prevailing commercial opportunity offered by femtech – and how dismantling menopause-related taboos has hit the cultural mainstream.


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