Welltodo Today: Creating An Athleisure Tribe, The Fastest-Growing Fitness Franchises, Wellness Travel


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How Brands Like Fabletics Are Building Relationships With Individual Customers

Top brands are implementing technology into their e-commerce platforms and in-store models to foster close customer relationships and enable one-to-one, personalized service to drive value Consumers today want to be treated like an individual. They want to feel that a brand understands them and their unique set of needs.

Ath-leisure Candles, CBD Sparkling Water, Luxury Incense: Wellness for the Holiday Season

The holidays have descended, along with the typical stressors of the season. This year, the lines between relaxation and retail therapy have officially blurred – there have never been more options on the market for consumers looking to chill out. Raise a glass of Champagne – er, canned sparkling CBD water – to that.

What this Tesco herbal tea tells us about ‘food and mood’

It doesn’t exactly look ground-breaking. A £1.99 pack of 20 teabags containing a herbal infusion of chamomile, spearmint and rosehip seed. Yet the recent launch of this Wind Down Infusion under Tesco’s own label has caught the attention of industry experts, who see it as an important milestone in the development of functional food and drink in the UK.

How the Sweaty Betty founder created an athleisure tribe

It’s cool to sweat now,” says Tamara Hill-Norton, founder of premium activewear brand Sweaty Betty at her bright London HQ by Putney Bridge. The mum of three cycles into work every day from her home in Acton and has just done a lunchtime yoga class at her studios across the road.

The 7 Fastest-Growing Franchises in America All Share a Surprising Trend

Shark Tank’s Daymond John said in an interview with entrepreneur and Inc.com columnist Dave Schools that he prefers franchises over giant chains. The reason? Because franchises offer more intimacy, and he thinks big corporations can have a top-down culture with too many rules.

Food waste app Karma launches smart fridge with Electrolux

Swedish food waste app Karma has linked with Electrolux to test a smart refrigerator for grocery stores. The “beta” version, launched on Tuesday 6 November, enables Karma users to buy reduced-price surplus chilled goods stored in a connected refrigerator at the entrance to the ICA Kvantum Liljeholmen store in Stockholm until the end of the year.

What You Don’t Know About WeWork’s Julie Rice

SoulCycle founder and WeWork partner Julie Rice spoke Tuesday at a Women’s Leadership Breakfast hosted by Berns Communications Group at specialty retailer Story in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The brief Q&A session had Story founder Rachel Shechtman, who became Macy Inc.’s brand experience officer after the retailer in May acquired Story, query Rice about founding SoulCycle and about some new leases that WeWork signed.

I Finally Understand the Travel Wellness Craze After Staying at This New Laguna Beach Hotel

Laguna Beach’s new Hotel Joaquin made a wellness convert out of me – here’s why.


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